Aubrey’s Tech Career Goal: How Zuitt Contributed to a Successful Career Change of a Licensed Medical Technologist

Aubrey is a Medical Technology graduate from Centro Escolar University (CEU) – Makati. She worked in a public hospital as a Medical Technologist for a year. Later on, she decided to enroll in Zuitt Coding Bootcamp to help her with her career-shifting goal. Today, she works as a Design QA Specialist in a US-based company.

Zuitt and ANS elevate SHS STEM Track with Free Bootcamp Training Initiative: A Teacher, Student, and Parent’s Viewpoint

This is a documentation of feedback interviews from Zuitt’s Free Front-end Web Development Training for its Senior High School Partner – Antique National School. This partnership is led by Zuitt Coding Bootcamp and made possible by the Department of Education (DepEd) – Antique Chapter. The following interviews below highlighted the viewpoints of its project beneficiaries represented by ANS’ SHS Teachers – Ms. Karmel Macatigos and Ms. Venerose Occena, SHS Students – Neil and Ezekiel, and parent representatives of SHS students – Ms. Cherrylyn and Sir Romeo.