Shaping Success: Erven’s Journey from IT Graduate to Research and Development Engineer with Zuitt’s Support

The Financial Aid by Employer program not only equipped Erven with essential web development skills but also paved the way for a seamless transition into the industry. Moving from bootcamp graduate to Research and Development Engineer, Erven’s journey showcases real achievements made possible by Zuitt’s advanced training and the beneficial Financial Aid by Employer program, shaping a successful career path.

Aubrey’s Tech Career Goal: How Zuitt Contributed to a Successful Career Change of a Licensed Medical Technologist

Aubrey is a Medical Technology graduate from Centro Escolar University (CEU) – Makati. She worked in a public hospital as a Medical Technologist for a year. Later on, she decided to enroll in Zuitt Coding Bootcamp to help her with her career-shifting goal. Today, she works as a Design QA Specialist in a US-based company.