A Way Back into Tech: Nat’s Career Shifter Story with Zuitt

The hustle and bustle paid off for Nat Corpuz when he finally achieved his goal of becoming a Web Developer this year. He started off his career as a full-fledged web developer just a month after his Full Stack Web Development training with Zuitt Coding Bootcamp.

Over the years, Nat earnestly grounded himself to build a career through corporate jobs and freelancing. While having a diverse work experience outside Tech, he continuously looked for career alternatives – one that he can claim he loves doing. He knew that a career in Tech was an old passion worth reliving and pursuing. Today, Nat is working on a passion project – a digital product meant for self-improvement. For someone who’s self-driven like Nat, this is something worth watching out for! 

In this article, Zuitt asked Nat about his personal Bootcamp experience, his self-realizations in his career journey, and his take on career shifting to Tech. Let’s give it up for Nat!

(Interviewed by Dana Diaz)

Meet Nat

—— Introduce yourself to the Zuitt Community. 

Hi, everyone! My name is Nat. I am a graduate of Zuitt last June 2, 2022. I’m from Batch 176. Before Zuitt, I worked as a Customer Service Representative in multiple BPO companies for 5 years and then 2 years as a Virtual Assistant.

Getting into the Tech Industry is a Career Level Up

—— Why did you study Web Development? What got you interested in coding?

Initially, I wanted to finish my college education with an Information Technology degree but sadly, due to unfortunate circumstances, I only finished 2 years in college. 

My college life was not ordinary. I started my college years with an Information Technology degree. After that, I enrolled for Computer Science degree for my 2nd year. Next, I shifted to an Accountancy degree for just a semester. I tried it out but it wasn’t for me. It now all fell into the right place when I went back to Tech. So, why did I study web development? First of all, it’s because time’s are changing.

At age 18, I started working in the BPO industry for 5 years, and then 2 years doing Virtual Assistance. Through these experiences, I realized that these careers weren’t for me. I only took those jobs due to my situation years ago. I realized that it’s not really my passion. 

I had a good look at myself and my life and then I realized that I wanted to take my chances in web development because I initially really like to do IT or Programming. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect in web development. All I knew is that it’s going to allow me to create things and to type things. I tried doing self-study for 2 years first. After trying out some courses online – HTML, CSS, and Javascript, that’s when I realized that this will allow me to create things. And so, I found my passion in Web Development. That’s why I decided to study it further.

—— What made you decide to choose Zuitt as your Coding Bootcamp to achieve your goal?

Great question. I was actually looking for other options. I found a few other alternatives to Zuitt. And actually, I was enrolled in a different Bootcamp back then and I didn’t have a great experience there. So coming into Zuitt, I had this impression in my mind already. Because of that, I had a certain expectation of what a coding bootcamp should be. I think for me, I decided to go with Zuitt because upon looking at their website, it seemed that they are full of professionals. I chose Zuitt because of how established they are in the industry. Also, the testimonials from its bootcampers helped a lot. Lastly, seeing the outline of the course on their website itself helped me visualize my expectations and future in Zuitt. 

—— What were your expectations before you started the Bootcamp with Zuitt?

I expected it to be really beginner-friendly. I have a background from self-studying web development but I am not as confident as the people who I think are in the same level as me. So, I considered myself as a beginner that time. So my expectations for the Bootcamp were for it to be beginner-friendly, and an open environment for making mistakes. Those are my two main expectations, and my expectations were absolutely met.

Studying in a Bootcamp builds Self-Confidence

—— How was your overall experience in the entirety of your Developer Career Program training with Zuitt? (Front-end, Back-end, and Full-stack course.)

For Front-end, when we were trying to create our capstone 1 – portfolio, there were a bunch of requirements that were laid out to us. The main point of the front-end course was for us to create our own portfolio (public facing). So here, I had a great time because it allowed me to explore creatively and to check which designs I wanted to implement in my portfolio that time. Zuitt made sure that the requirements for this were discussed before announcing the capstone to us. Great job to Zuitt for the clear requirements. 

For Back-end, I think, personally, Back-end is my forte because I really loved monitoring the logic of the codes. At first, I really had no idea on what to do in this portion of the course (from Zuitt’s Developer Career Program). But as time went by, I was not disappointed because all my questions were answered during our classes. With this, I was able to get a good background about my initial inquiries. If ever I have any doubts in my mind, it got easy for me to do my own research outside of classes. Back-end is a bit complicated compared to my initial expectation. In the end, I had fun – especially in the API creation. It was the first time I used the Postman app in the API testing and I had fun with it. I was not disappointed again with Zuitt’s requirements. Everything was spoonfed to us in a good way because it allowed me to still have my own questions. This made things not so overwhelming for me. 

For Full-stack, this is where it all made sense to me. Coming into Zuitt, I had zero idea how everything works in the industry-level before going through the full-stack capstone 3. It was a great experience. It felt like I can create my own company with the e-commerce stuff. It was great that Zuitt allowed me to have that experience. It’s all connecting! Thank you, Zuitt, for that.

—— Tell me about your capstone projects. Any struggles? How did you overcome them?

For Capstone 1, I am not good with front-end. I struggled memorizing or getting used to the syntaxes in CSS and HTML. However, Zuitt’s way of dealing with that was great. In every lesson, Zuitt gave me the opportunity to ask questions (even the almost out-of-this-world questions). My main struggle was the syntax. That’s it! It was great! I became confident by the end of capstone 1 because it felt like I can do anything in front-end. 

For Capstone 2, I struggled with the idea on how my code should start. While I already know how it should end, I had no idea where to begin when creating in API. With Zuitt’s help, it allowed me to have a starting point. They had a really good template on how to solve any problems in the back-end. The lessons were very tailor-fit to how we, the boot campers, should start. If you have no confidence at all in back-end,  I am pretty sure that anyone would be able to come out of capstone 2 confident like I did. 

For Capstone 3, my main struggle here I guess would be getting familiar with React.js. So, React.js is the framework for front-end. I guess it is the same with my struggle in capstone 1 – the syntax and what not. Zuitt made sure to support us even if we don’t feel confident with syntaxes. Zuitt made me realize that even if I am not used to it, I should not be afraid. So all in all, it was really helpful for me to connect all the dots from Capstone 1, 2, then 3.

—— Tell me about your experience with instructors and fellow boot campers.

With my instructors, they were great! I have no words for how helpful everyone was. Thank you so much to my instructors for guiding me and my fellow boot campers all throughout the course. To be honest, it’s not easy for anyone to learn web development especially if it’s self-taught. With the instructors help and with Zuitt’s great curriculum, I wasn’t afraid to make mistakes and to explore more. Thank you to my instructors! 

With my fellow boot campers, it was fun and great. I have no words as well for how participative everyone was and how fun everyone was. I don’t recall a moment that our class was dull but not to the point of it being disruptive in our sessions. My fellow boot campers really made my experience extra special. Thank you to my fellow boot campers!

—— What is the best thing about Zuitt?

For me, the best thing about Zuitt is that their curriculum is personalized and customized. Also, the way that all the instructors are consistent with their teaching styles. Although, I am pretty sure each instructor has their own style. But throughout my experience in zuitt, there is this main thing about how helpful all the instructors were. 

New Career, New Challenges!

—— After the Bootcamp, what were you expectations for your career?

Before the Bootcamp, my expectations after graduating in Zuitt is to find a job, to be able to reach a level of competence, and to be hireable as a web developer. After the Bootcamp, I looked for jobs and then, a month after, I got hired as a web developer for the first time. It was great! It felt like every challenge that I went through really paid off when I got hired.

—— Tell me about your Passion Project.

Thank you for asking me about that because right now I am struggling (struggling in a good way). With my new-found skills after graduating in the Bootcamp, and then getting hired as a web developer, I feel more confident. Now, I am struggling on a higher level. It’s not a struggle of someone who is a new boot camper or a new aspiring web developer anymore. My struggle is now as someone who would like to build a company or a product that people will use and pay for. 

Right now, I am building something that is going to be used for self-improvement. It is a product for habit building. I relate to this product because I personally struggle with sticking into a routine – building and breaking a habit. I’ll try to make it nice looking and functional. So, I am starting off with that and I am not sure yet when will I be able to launch this. But, I feel more confident for being able to build this after Zuitt!

Words of wisdom from a Zuitt Alumni

—— What is your message to the future boot campers of Zuitt?

To all the career shifters like me (no background at all in web development), if you are someone who is struggling and having doubts about changing careers, I assure you that if you go with Zuitt, you will come out absolutely confident in building your own products or in becoming hireable. 

To those with background in web development or those who are looking into more advanced topics, Zuitt will aslo be beneficial for you because in the end, Zuitt will allow you to be industry-level competent. So, if you already have a good background in web development, after Zuitt you will have even more advance knowledge about it.

If you have doubts, just do it! Dont give up! Just do it with Zuitt!

—— What is your message to your pre-Zuitt boot camper self?

My message for myself would be for those who are also have the interest to enroll in Zuitt. 

If you have doubts, try your best to navigate through it using your passion – especially if you have the passion for learning web development, or for whatever reason you may have. Don’t give up if you come across challenges and doubts through your journey. Do not give up!

It is not going to be easy because not everyone is as competent as the most competent or high IQ person in the world. If you dont give up, it will pay off in the end. Everything’s going to pay off in the end (no matter how long it takes). 

—— Any other things you would like to share with Zuitt?

I want to thank my instructors, my fellow boot campers, and also the whole management of Zuitt. For me, as an aspiring web developer back then, I would say that whoever thought about Zuitt, it is the BEST thought they have ever had. Thank you, Zuitt!

It’s never too late to get back on track with your passion. Maybe it’s time to find your way back in the Tech Industry! Join Zuitt today!

Job opportunities in Tech are ever-growing! A web developer career is one of the in-demand Tech jobs globally.  In Zuitt, you’ll learn Full Stack Web Development which gives you three main career options: Front-end web developer, Back-end web developer, and Full-stack web developer. 

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