Night 2, Capstone 1 Instructor’s Verdict

After a few weeks of learning the basics of coding and web development, it is now time to apply them in an actual project! The first Capstone project aims to give the trainees an actual feel on how to create their very first static website.

The trainees were required to work individually but with the guidance of the instructors, as well as the other trainees.  For the theme or concept of their website, they were told to do something close to their personality or something that interests them. They were also expected to use the skills that they’ve learned in the past few weeks. However, they were not limited to using just these skills.

Most of them were excited about the prospect of making their own website, but at the same time, some were also nervous and anxious about the prospect of coming up with something from scratch and presenting it to other people.

Now, after a couple of weeks of working on their capstone project, it’s time to present the fruits of their labor.

First of all, we would like to congratulate all the trainees for doing their best to come up with their project. Almost all of them finished their project on time. But if we’re going to ask them, they would say that their project could have been better had they had more time.

When we said to the trainees that they should create a website about something  that is close to them, everybody heeded the call. The trainees created websites that are either related to their work, or something that they do on a regular basis like drinking coffee and traveling.

Instructor’s verdict:

I feel that most of them got too excited with applying all the skills they’ve acquired and the other skills they got from reading, that they ended up trying to put everything in their project. The trainees often find themselves switching themes and styles for their project. Overall, the trainees came up with good projects that could still be improved as they acquire more skills and experience in making websites.