Our First 20!

May 15, 2017 — Tuitt is off to a fresh start as it welcomes another batch of trainees in its newest office. These lucky students are the first ones to experience training in the 30-seater classroom, a much bigger space compared to the previous place which can only accommodate up to 10 students.

Tuitt’s new training room

Based on the self-assessment of students submitted prior to the boot camp, they categorized themselves generally as “No knowledge” or “Beginners” in terms of proficiency in the Programming languages covered in the training.

Today, a month had already passed since the first day of classes. After being here for 8 hours a day, mondays to fridays learning and mastering the basics of front-end web development, our 20 coding enthusiasts were able to produce their first portfolio-worthy websites which we can’t wait to show you!

Some of the students’ output on the Ideation and Sketching activity

For this first capstone project, we gave our students the liberty to conceptualize their own idea for the website. Aside from giving them lessons on how to ideate, sketch and create wireframes, we also shared with them an important tip – build something that you love or that piques your interests. This way when the going gets tough, you’ll be motivated to push through. And so after a week of planning and coding, their hardwork came into fruition as they finished developing their very own static websites! Before sharing it to the world, they first presented it to the class in which a panel of instructors attended to evaluate and give their work feedback.

Presentation Day
Presentation Day

Finally, we’re excited to share with you the fruits of their labor! Below you’ll see a sneak peak of the actual website and once you click the link, it will take you to the actual site. Enjoy!


Boyd’s Anatomy

Boyd’s Anatomy teaches anatomy at the comfort of your browser


Easee Life

Easee Life offers delivery services in the Bicol region



A personal travel blog of a nerdy traveler


Fresh Connections Catering

Catering service that offers wide array of healthy foods


Rock Buddies

A non-profit shelter that provides adoptable rocks


Responseweb Digital Solutions

A one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs



A personal portfolio website


Black Manika

An information website for the band, Black Manika


Travel Agency

Website for a budget travel agency


Joel’s Donuts

Information and ordering website for a Donut business


BENz Cafe

Information website for a cafe business



A restaurant booking website



Information website for a Photo booth business


Pink Sadistic Unicorns

Information website for the band, Pink Sadistic Unicorns


The Distance between Us

Interactive website that lets people have a perspective on just how far one is from other parts of the world


Git Gud

Website that provides information about Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Leather & Turf

Provides information about the first Philippine Football League’s clubs


Pak Gayon!

A blogger’s travel website about Bicol


M FLoral Design

Information website about a flower shop business


To our students, congratulations on achieving this first milestone! Your dedication showed in the impressive outputs you showed us. Keep up the good work!