A Web Developer is Born!

Our second batch of coding bootcamp has already started! We currently have two ongoing classes, the day class (9 AM to 5 PM) and the night class (5:30 PM to 9:30 PM).

We started off as strangers, new and unfamiliar faces, but it didn’t take time before the trainees warmed up to each other. Now that we are already halfway through our second week of training, bonds are made and friendships are forged. We are hoping we can maintain this warm atmosphere which can deem beneficial to the overall quality of the trainees’ stay here, especially now that we’ve seen their passion and willingness to face the challenges of web development.

credits: mememaker.net

Before getting their hands dirty with coding, the trainees are first taught about the preliminaries of developing a website. They had to answer crucial questions like “who is the owner” and “who are the target audience” of the project they are to create.  From there, they were able to better identify key functionalities that SHOULD be in their website, as opposed to other functionalities that they can do without. Having a reliable list of the features they wanted in their websites, their next exercise is to observe and study eminent websites, and then apply what they’ve observed into their own projects.

Possessing now a more solid grasp of what and how they wanted their website to be, the trainees are ready to visualize their projects! Here are sample sketches from the day class:

student’s sample sketch
Student’s sample sketch
student’s sample sketch


And here are sample wireframes from the night class:

wireframe output #1
wireframe output #2
wireframe output #3
wireframe output #4
wireframe output #5

Seeing these sketches + wireframes turn into online websites is the next big challenge. And for that, we have to learn HTML and CSS!

Currently, the night class is yet to finish discussing CSS. The day class, on the other hand, were already able to come up with these sample static pages:


Class suspension last Thursday due to inclement weather delayed our schedule for a day, but nothing’s going to stop us from learning! As evidenced above, our trainees are already making good progress and are a step closer to being the web developers they want to be!