Last Leg of Bootcamp

Three months ago, Tuitt started a program for passionate individuals who want to learn how to code. Coming from all sorts of backgrounds and places, most of them being non-IT graduates, they underwent rigorous training in web development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL and Laravel, in the hopes of landing a programming job after the training stint.

The trainees’ outputs transitioned from simple, static HTML webpages to complex, dynamic PHP websites with rich designs and features. On the last leg of the intensive coding boot camp, they were tasked to create a website using all the things they learned for the past 11 weeks using Laravel as framework. The default theme they can pattern from was Social Networking Site; however, they were also free to modify the concept as they please. Being the free thinkers that they are, the final outputs varied from course enlistment system, interactive blog to payroll system, among others.

Finally on September 20, the students showcased the products of their hardwork and culmination of their coding abilities, with some of their instructors serving as judges/audiences.

Presentation Proper

Concept: Course Enlistment System

  • Why did you choose this website? I thought of a concept which does not involve so much layouting and designing on my part, but instead focuses on functionalities. I came across the UP CRS website during my conceptualization phase so that’s where I got my idea from.
  • What were your difficulties? In terms of layout, being able to wrap the contents perfectly; Also, dropdown dependencies involving foreign keys.
  • What were your favorite part in doing the project? I mostly enjoy the part that involves querying, figuring out the logic and error-handling because those things are easier for me to debug than the design. *laughs*

Concept: E-commerce Website (clothes)

  • Why did you choose this website? From the start, My mind is already set in creating an online shopping website but I didn’t know what product to sell yet. At first I visited Lazada but got overwhelmed by its many products and features. Then, I came across Uniqlo and saw that they didn’t have an online shopping feature yet so I figured, I could create a site similar to theirs with added e-commerce features.
  • What were your difficulties? Conceptualizing functionalities; sessions also get confusing at times
  • What were your favorite part in doing the project? Mimicking the look of my website inspiration, Uniqlo

Concept: Online Retail Store

  • Why did you choose this website?  I thought of going for either a Social Networking site or e-commerce site but for some reason, I just went for the latter.
  • What were your difficulties? Migrating the functionalities from PHP to Laravel
  • What were your favorite part in doing the project?  Designing the look of my website, also making it responsive for mobile devices

Concept: Aquaponics Community Website

  • Why did you choose this website? Aquaponics is a branch of gardening that utilizes fish waste in fertilizing plants. In the Philippines, there’s already a small community of Aquaponics gardeners but there isn’t a lot of online buzz around it. So in my final project, I want to create a website that can help raise awareness to this community and make it usable even after the training.
  • What were your difficulties? Transition to Laravel framework

Concept: Fictional E-Commerce Website (Transformers)

  • Why did you choose this website?  I loved the movie, Transformers. To increase my motivation to finish the website, I thought of creating a website that would sell dummy products used in the movie such as cars, car parts and the like.
  • What were your difficulties? Time management in implementing admin and guest roles because I was able to focus more on the guest part.
  • What were your favorite part in doing the project?  I liked incorporating Bootstrap into my website design.

Concept: Tech Blog and Shopping Site

  • Why did you choose this website?  I love reading technology-related news; hence the blog and I also want my readers to buy some gadgets I sell hence, the online shopping feature.
  • What were your difficulties? Designing the look of my site, migrating data using Laravel

Concept: Anime Website

  • Why did you choose this website? I personally love anime so I wanted to incorporate it in my final website.
  • What were your difficulties? Time management

Concept: Social Networking Site (Marvel Universe)

  • Why did you choose this website? Actually, this isn’t my first concept. The first one I thought of was a website about heroes as a tribute to National Heroes Day last month; however, finding good quality pictures is challenging so I just resorted to this Marvel-inspired Social Networking site.
  • What were your difficulties?  Transition to Laravel framework
  • What were your favorite part in doing the project? I was able to incorporate my geeky side thru this website

Concept: Online Payroll Website

  • Why did you choose this website? The online payroll website was my first theme when we first started creating websites during the bootcamp. I wanted to add functionalities to it and make it usable in the real world that’s why I made it my final project.
  • What were your difficulties? Transition to Laravel framework; email feature; implementing best practices