Building towards their futures – Batch 7 Day Class Capstone Project 2

The TUITT Coding Bootcamp day class batch 7 has just completed their capstone project 2. This achievement brings them closer to becoming full stack developers, capable of doing front-end and back-end aspects of the development cycle. It was not an easy task for them to make an e-commerce website given a two week deadline but the students were able to deliver.

Requirements and Specifications:

For the Capstone Project, the students were required to create the following to aid them in making their project.

  • An ideation of their e-commerce site (what products/services they will be selling)
  • An Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) (how the database tables would be structured)

Website Features
The project must have the following features:

  • User registration and authentication
  • Landing page
  • Catalog page of items with sorting
  • Admin control panel
  • Database access for Items, Users, and Cart
  • Cart and Checkout
  • Order and Transaction History

The grading will focus more on the back end and less on the front end with the breakdown as follows:

UI/UX – 20%
Functionality – 40%
Code organization – 30%
Database organization – 10%

Here are the Capstone Projects:


Barzoi is an online website store that sells gaming accessories. Specifically mice, keyboards and headsets. – Carlo

Haciendero Farms

Haciendero Farms is a vegetable supplier that delivers a farm-to-table experience by directly bringing high-quality, freshly picked produce to you. – Jango


The Apoteacary offers a wide array of organically-grown ingredients packaged in securely sealed boxes. It is our guarantee to deliver the rich flavors from the farm to your cup of tea. Providing authentic tea experience is the reason why we continually work to keep you happy and your beverage needs fulfilled.
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Fashionable bike to enjoy your ride. Visit our site for more details. – Kristal


Wanted to taste authentic ramen at home? Ramenaika brings authentic ramen at your doorstep. – Angela

Pudge Meat Shop

We offer the best meat produced by local farmers and suppliers and supply this superb quality meat. Order online and get the best meat prices in town with free delivery any day of the week. – Ramir


Online merchandise store of different bands. – Ira


Let’s have a little sweetness in this bittersweet life. Enjoy the chocolatey goodness at Tsoko-Latte. – KV


Avail now of affordable flights to various destinations in the Philippines at the reach of your fingertips. – Juhnar

Choose from a variety of mechanical keyboards and switches that suit your gaming or typing style. Improve your gaming experience with pristine gears. – Lance

Nail Salon Tokyo

Try the latest nail fashion. Easy to get the items and keep up with the trends in Tokyo. – Nanaho

League Merch

Discover merch crafted to capture the spirit of League in every stitch and brushstroke, so you can carry a piece of the game wherever you go. – Rodney

MommyLyd’s Embroidery Services

MommyLyd’s Embroidery Services provides graphic designs, digitizing stock designs, patches and embroidery related products and services. – Jessica


Whether you love showing off framed family photos or want a spot to place your favorite trinkets, trove offers different kinds of shelves perfect for small spaces and aesthetically pleasing designs to spruce up your room. – Rita

Father Time & Sons

An online timepiece shop that caters to the modern gentleman’s desire for style, adventure, and life. – Chino

New Commercial Trading

Easy and convenient shopping for your grocery needs! Open to all consumers and small enterprises. – Nyssa

EZ Grocery

Your one-stop grocery shop. Shop online and get your groceries delivered straight to your home. – Andrew


Cramless is your last minute print-shop. No more cramming: Maximize your time finishing your printables, and we do the last minute printing for you with our UPD (Upload-Print-Deliver) System. Sign up now! – Earl

Project Run

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A site that wants to satisfy your cravings for liquor and deliver it to your doorstep. – Justine


Grab all your gaming needs in one go, from classic to the latest trends. – Russel

NPN Song Tutorials

We’re going to teach you how to play your favorite songs like how the artists play them, note per note! – Jan


Looking for car parts on budget? – Enzo


Love snowboarding? So do we, Check snowboarding gears and snows boards at dg2snow. – Nell

The Book Thrift

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The Masterrace

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