The Nightcap | Batch 3 Night Class Capstone Project 3


A nightcap is a celebration. It could be a drink that someone enjoys to celebrate his accomplishments after a long day. It could also serve as a transition to welcoming a new day – a fresh start filled with great opportunities. Or, it could be both. The third batch of night campers for Tuitt Coding Bootcamp just finished presenting their third capstone projects last April 27, 2018. Their final capstone project is a culmination of skills and techniques they have developed throughout the rigorous 6-month bootcamp program.

Minimum Requirements

To quantify the performance and skillset acquired by the campers throughout the whole process, the instructors created this baseline of their projects created.

Front-End Development

Half of the total rating of this project will come from the front-end side.

All of the technologies learned by the campers crafting their capstone project 1 will be needed here such HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap (or other CSS frameworks), jQuery, fundamentals of web design, ideation and discovery.

Back-End Development

The other half of the total rating will come from the backend side.

It will require the campers to create their web applications using the Laravel framework – an amazing full-stack framework crafted for PHP web developers.

The CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete) functionality learned from the second capstone project should be implemented here as well, excluding the user authentication and authorization – these functionalities and several more can be made and customized efficiently using Laravel.




Projects Line-Up



iDue, Created by Betina Bondoc

iDue is a project management web app designed for teams, big or small. Heavily inspired by Trello’s board-list-task-checklist system, this app aims to make big project collaborations easier. Created using jQuery, Ajax and Laravel.

– Betina



Adrian’s Cube

Adrian’s Cube, Created by Adrian Gacayan

The Cube is an Order Management System (OMS) app to track orders from receipt to shipment. It has a lot of features including tasks lists, customer wiki, inter-user forum/messaging system as well as an intuitive search function. Created using Bootstrap and Laravel frameworks with a lot of CSS and jquery for user interaction.

– Adrian




Dossier, Created by Michael James Albatana

A Personal & Customized Dynamic hosted resume/CV designed to replace my traditional typewritten resume/CV.

– Michael



FliQ CritiQ

FliQ CritiQ, Created by Ruby Ann Matias

FliQ CritiQ is a community site that features a simple matching algorithm between motion picture lovers with the same viewing tastes, made with Laravel and Materialize.

– Ann




JOBBER, Created by Rochelle “Chellie” Benet Ilustre

MOVE LIKE JOBBER! This is the laravel application for head hunters & job seekers out there! The New Millennial Way To Get Hired. Free To Post. Free To Connect. Get Matches · Get Connected · Create a Post · Search Posts Services: Jobs by Location, Jobs by Industry, Jobs by Position, Jobs by Companies.

– Chellie




Meower, Created by Rellie Balagat

Meower is a question and answer website inspired by Quora. The design was inspired by Twitter. The features included are upvote/downvote the question, post question and answers, and update profile. It was created using Bootstrap, Laravel, and JQuery.

– Rellie




Explorer, Created by Ma. Lourdes Pineda

A social media specifically for travel blog where you can share photos and experience of you adventure.

– Maria Lourdes



Punto de Benta

Punto de Benta, Created by Jeremy Rotoni

Punto de Benta is an Online Point of Sale System build from Laravel framework. This web application is ideal for stores where they could add their products and generate sales report. Aside from Laravel, this web app used heavily on AJAX and jQuery.

– Jeremy



Drink or Fly

Drink or Fly, Created by Jane Ruth Lim Romero

Drink or Fly is a member-only interactive blog site where members contribute their experiences with alcohol, bars/clubs, interesting places or countries. A fully responsive site built with Laravel, CSS and JQuery.

– Jane



I’m a Blogger

I’m a Blogger, Created by Emmanuelle Abendan

A fully responsive blog site for personal use of anybody. This is mainly built with the PHP framework Laravel, together with  Custom CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, AJAX, and JQuery.

– Emmanuelle




GraphSat, Created by Redmund Nacario

GraphSat stands for Graphical Satellite. It is online portal of weather updates in the Philippines. This project was created with laravel framework, and jquery.

– Redmund



Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue, Created by Arliegh Tadena

Beyond Blue is inspired by the website Australia. In this site, the users are able to share their anxiety, depression and how they overcome their experiences by writing it through blog. This project was created with laravel framework.  

– Arliegh



There is much left to be explored regarding the nuances of this craft that we love which is coding. Most of the graduating night campers have a regular job and joined the bootcamp to either progress in their current work or to shift to a whole new industry. Six months of coming from their daily jobs to the bootcamp is no joke. Their passion and commitment to improve everyday is second to none. So, congratulations to our new batch of full-stack web developers and cheers to what’s about to come! Good job!