Cloud Nine | Batch 9 Day Class Capstone Project 1

An online liquor store, a trip to space and everything in between.

The ninth batch of the Tuitt Coding Boot Camp day class campers have completed their capstone one (1) projects.

This serves as the culmination project for the skill set acquired by campers for front-end web development, using best practices and open source web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, responsive web design, and mobile-first approach to web development.

Core Requirements & Specifications

The minimum core requirements and specifications of this capstone project should be met by the campers to be able to move on the next phase of the coding boot camp.

  • Project documentation
  • Sketch, wireframe, and/or mock-up designs of core pages
  • Mobile-first and responsive web design
  • At least five hyperlinked web pages
  • Modification to the project should be tracked by Git (version control system)
  • Deployed and hosted by GitHub

Capstone Projects

This is the list of the first capstone projects created by the campers of Batch 9 Day Class:


HAYAO, Created by Angelo Vonn Villanueva

Know more about the world-renowned director-animator Hayao Miyazaki.

–  Angelo Vonn

Clear Out

Clear Out, Created by Mark Lorenze Dumalaon

Clear Out is the community for ballers. Want to hoop but no one to hoop with? Post it here and invite players near you, or join current posted games. There are also organized basketball leagues that your team can join.

–  Mark Lorenze


Felicity, Created by Judy Anne B. Pontiveros

Have you been lost before? Or are you currently stuck in a relationship full of sorrows? Wanna know your worth? Take time to visit Felicity for tips on how to love yourself. It’s not too late, find yourself and make it whole again. 🙂

–  Judy Anne


Maquillage, Created by Jenica Padama

An online beauty products shop that is perfect for everyone.

–  Jenica


ALPHA GYM, Created by Bryan Kit Batac

Tired of getting bullied for being FAT and UGLY? Want to get strong and fit to get your sweet revenge? In ALPHA GYM we have an Intense Environment and Trainers that will help you to achieve your Ultimate goal to be an ALPHA. Be part of the Alpha Gym community and we will teach you our ways on how to be a Beast in Lifting and beat the hell out of those bullies and make them your beta. GET SWOLE. BE ALPHA.

– Bryan

iVolunteer for Filipino Children (iVFC)

iVolunteer for Filipino Children (iVFC), Created by Arjel Villadores

A non-profit organization that helps less-priviledged Filipino children become well-rounded citizens of the next generation. They organize feeding program and medical missions to nourish children, and they also provide free tutorials to help children get good grades in their school.

–  Arjel

Ludwig Jeans

Ludwig Jeans, Created by Ludwig Van Eugenio

Classy jeans for your daily outfit.

–  Ludwig

Livrotheca Manila

Livrotheca Manila, Created by Joy Marzonia

A new modern library in the heart of Manila.

–  Joy

Out of This World Journey

Out of This World Journey, Created by Marc Vincent Reyes

On the deep dark space, size matters! Try to explore and see the beauty in Out Of This World Journey

– Marc Vincent

Little One’s Sanctuary

Little One’s Sanctuary, Created by Nicole Yucor

Six to eight million animals enter shelters every year. While three to four million of these animals are adopted, approximately 2.7 million healthy, adoptable companions are euthanized. Having limited funds and staff, local animal shelters are in constant need of help and support from the community. Little One’s Sanctuary is one of the residences that assists them in finding good homes, while providing them with a friendly place to play and run around. Read the article for more facts on our sanctuary and see how you can help make a difference in the lives of these animals.

– Nicole

Kamotes by Glen

Kamotes by Glen, Created by Glen Barcial

Kamotes by Glen is a farm to table concept fine dining restaurant located in Quezon city.

–  Glen

Kalon Flair

Kalon Flair, Created by Nicole Joy Esposo

Kalon Flair is a website owned by a company offering interior designing.

–  Nicole Joy

Guide Nest

Guide Nest, Created by Roy Cunanan

Guides and walkthrough for the Mobile Game – Dragon Nest exclusive for Assassin Class

–  Roy

G4 Carwash and Auto Detailing

G4 Carwash and Auto Detailing, Created by Marc P. Catapia

Inspired from my brother-in-law’s actual carwash business. In hopes to increase the customers of the business thus I created this website. Hoping to attract vehicle owners near the business site and experience a different car wash experience. Am planning to finish the full functionality of this page and to make it go-live is my ultimate goal in making this website.

–  Marc

OPM Music Central

OPM Music Central, Created by Aldrin Manahan

Unfamiliar with the local music scene? OPM Music Central is here to give you an overview with some of the bands and artist from the local music scene.

–  Aldrin


Oasis, Created by Charlene Gozar

Want to be a SUPERMODEL? Be Confident. Be Fabulous. Give them Smize and do your Booty Tooch. Send your applications now to book with our famous clients and represent their brand.

–  Charlene


JUfari, Created by Juane Marco Gonzales

Experience and discover the world of animals in this interactive online zoo

–  Juane Marco

SVE Agency

SVE Agency, Created by Shiereubim Estrada

Still jobless? Finding it hard to look for your dream job? Try to visit the website as we offer all the possible jobs in the different industry.

–  Shiereubim

Flip Flash

Flip Flash, Created by Justin Trajano

Bored memorizing all those Japanese hiragana, katakana, and kanji? Flip flash is a fun digital flash card for memorizing and reviewing the basic Japanese alphabet.

–  Justin

Sweet Delights

Sweet Delights, Created by Jeffrey Ang

Craving for your momma’s baking, yet want to try out that new trendy flavor? Sweet Delights is an online cupcake store specializing in good old homestyle recipes with a modern twist.

–  Jeffrey

Essentials Spa

Essentials Spa, Created by Paolo Velasco

Too much stress at work? Too much soreness in your body? Need something new to do with your furry friend? Make sure to visit us at Essentials Spa and experience a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that you will not soon forget.

–  Paolo

Over The Waves

Over The Waves, Created by Jeru Baldia

Community based blog sharing about living and enjoying the sea and ocean.

–  Jeru

Hewlett and Stibel

Hewlett and Stibel, Created by Rommel Torquator

A simple Law Firm website that displays the employees and the services it offers. It only has a simple layout to make an impression that we provide accurate service on the fly. It has 4 pages, the last one is the contact page. The main color is #800000 which is maroon. It only used 4 colors to maintain simplicity.

–  Rommel


CuddleMe, Created by Vincent Cuatico

These cute and lovable dogs are waiting to be picked up and CUDDLED. Put your arms around them and hold them like there’s no tomorrow. Dog lover or not, everyone will be captivated with these adorable dogs. If you’d like to adopt one of these lovely dogs to be your best friend, sign-up now!

–  Vincent

The Distillery

The Distillery, Created by Ron Ramos

The Distillery is an online shop that offers a wide selection of liquors which you can purchase anytime. It was created because the founders noticed the lack of quality liquors around manila.

– Ron



The first capstone project is the perfect way for campers to get their “feet wet” in the web development process. After three weeks of intensive training, they were tasked to create their own responsive websites. This batch accomplished the task with flying colors and surpassed all of my expectations. Moving forward, I expect this batch to continue to go beyond what is required from them and set higher standards for future campers.