Finally made it! Batch 8 Day Class Capstone 3 project

After 3 months of trials and tribulations, the Batch 8 Day Class of TUITT Coding Bootcamp finally completed their Capstone 3 project. The project serves as the final requirement for them in the intensive three month-long bootcamp. It showcases all the skills they have acquired during the course of the bootcamp; from front-end design, back-end processing, to the use of Laravel framework for PHP. Once they have completed the project, they’re full-fledged developers ready to broaden their horizons as IT professionals.

The project presentation also highlights the portfolios they have made during the course of this bootcamp. The portfolio showcases their profiles and skills, and provides links to their three capstone projects.

Without any further ado, here are the capstone projects of Batch 8 Day Class:

A & G talks

A & G Talks is a personal blog site that discusses anything that is related to anime and games. – Larry


Purehub is a social networking site that enables you to share your thoughts and see updates in your news feeds. Join the hub now! – Renz


Tumbly is a microblogging and social networking website. Allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs, and like and comments on posts. Inspired by Tumblr. – Kier


BeautyTalk is an online review forum where consumers can recommend and rate a beauty product they already used. This is to help other prospective users who are also planning to buy the same product. – Mike

Pinoy Nostalgia

Pinoy Nostalgia is a blog site that will let the users reminisce their childhood memories during the 90s. – Louie

Tuitt Day 8

Tuitt day 8 is a blog website for our batch in Tuitt that features the projects that we made. – Ian

OFW forum

A forum where OFWs from around the world can connect with each other and their families – Huge


A site where you could track your activities. – Sian

Pure Manager

A site where you can manage projects and tasks. – Jepoy

Momo Gadgets

A review site for the latest trends in mobile devices. – MB


A forum site for a school where students and teachers can communicate – Jovit