Cutest Programmer

Tuitt’s first-ever night class has come to an end after 100 sunsets, 20 weeks, 3 instructors and 2 broken chairs (damaged in only 1 night! haha) Eight remaining trainees advanced to present their final projects which was witnessed by a special guest, Ms. Melai, one of Tuitt’s directors.

After the presentation, Miss Melai offered to answer questions our trainees have regarding programming, working in the industry and general tips in coding. In the above-picture, it seems that an argument is ensuing but in reality, it’s just her and Sir Sef talking intently about mobile websites so let’s keep calm and carry on! 😀

Now, we move on to the presentation proper.

We again asked our dear presenters to talk about the stories behind their projects, their favorite part and challenges encountered during the whole development process.  Here they are.

King showing his Laravel project


  • From the start, I really wanted to create a blog which can be used by many people to publish their own contents and share with others.
  • Favorite part – coding with Laravel because I enjoyed it more compared to using vanilla PHP
  • Challenge – the most challenging for me was designing my website


  • Soon when I get my own domain, I’d like to have a personal blog where I can post contents such as movie reviews, photography, programming and other topics that interest me
  • Favorite part –  Everything! Although things get challenging at times,  we just have to see past those and look at the end goal
  • Challenge – time and schedule constraints because we had to balance being an employee and student at the same time


  • I made a website for the school I’m currently working with
  • Favorite part – I had this plan of putting real-time update of announcements and other contents to my website which I wasn’t able to implement but I would consider as my favorite
  •  Challenge – transition from PHP to Laravel framework


  • My site is called “Scribbler”. It’s a blog site inspired by It’s essentially the same as WordPress but without limit to the things I can do. With Scribbler, I can be fully flexible in implementing features that I want.
  • Favorite part – Everything because of the challenges they bring. It feels rewarding when we overcome these challenges!
  • Challenge – Code-wise, I found it most challenging to implement the “like” and changing avatar features.


  • My original concept was a social networking site for programmers  with skills assessment feature (think w3schools); however I was only able to work on the social networking aspect (without the feature for programmers).
  • Favorite – Laravel made things so much easier.  I also love it everytime I experience “Aha!” moments during coding.
  • Challenge – Since I’m also working a day-time job,  it was difficult for me to accomplish everything I envisioned for my site.


  • Initially, I wanted to develop a website builder like but I changed it to a career-oriented website for employers and job seekers.
  • Favorite – Trying out unfamiliar codes then eventually getting the hang of using them with continued practice
  • Challenge – In terms of my project, I had difficulty using foreign keys


  •  My websites’s theme focuses on photography. I was inspired by Instagram but I wanted the pictures to be downloadable so I incorporated’s download feature. All images are under cc0 license so we won’t have to worry about violating any copyright issues
  • Favorite – implementing the masonry layout

We forgot to tell you that we were also graced by the presence of the cutest programmer pawgrammer  to ever set foot in Tuitt’s office.  Meet Russel!

This furry little friend is owned by Miss Melai and was watching the trainees’ presentation, too! How adorableeee. We hope you guys can come visit us again!

That’s it for now. Next update on our night class will be about their graduation. *confetti*