Hello, world!

If you ever sat on any programming class regardless of your background, you certainly have already heard about the “Hello, world” program. To many, these two words seem trivial but actually, they signify a pivotal moment in computer history.

Not just some greeting

For anyone starting out in coding, the “Hello, World!” usually marks the beginning of a new program. At some point, seeing those two words displayed on a screen gives programmers a rush of adrenaline after realizing they successfully communicated through the computer. So we thought, what better way to initialize our coding bootcamp program  and introduce ourselves to the virtual world than with these same words — Hello, world!

We are tuitt.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. Our company name is tuitt and we are here in the hopes of creating a positive dent in the country’s computer training system. One of our core missions is to equip passionate individuals with the necessary skills in order to land great jobs and (re-)launch awesome careers. We cater to IT and non-IT majors, or individuals who desire to augment necessary skills to land a web developer / coding job or for those who are looking for a career change. All these through our Study-now-pay-later scheme.
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