First Day High

Our coding bootcamp finally started. Yay! (We waited so long for this.) One of our students was there really early (He came before we even made it to the office.), which lead us to believe that he really is that passionate about this training. We’re excited to see him follow through.

To start the day, our HR Supervisor gave a brief Students’ Orientation, discussing among other things the company and its people, as well as some house rules which the students can follow during the bootcamp. It was finished in just one hour and the students were a bit shy although there were a few who were already actively participating today. This is quite common at first but we’re hoping they’d eventually warm up to the group and enjoy the company of their classmates.

Next to the Orientation was the first lecture by one of our Instructors, who is also a bootcamp graduate. She tried to discuss the basics of HTML while ensuring that students comprehend the lesson even as beginners. And outside the training room, it seemed to us that they were enjoying the lesson that they forgot to take a morning break. Talk about eagerness to learn and having fun while at it.


Lunchtime finally came and the students went out to buy their lunches outside. We can already see some groups forming and a few pairs buddying up. After they finished their lunches, our students decided to hang out while waiting for lunch break to be over. The rain poured and the wind blew but we’re so thankful that everybody’s already safe and back inside.

To start the afternoon session, our CEO clarified our students’ expectations by summarizing all gathered responses from our questionnaire during the Orientation and talking about the company’s take on those responses. It basically contained four topics: reason for joining the bootcamp, expectations from the bootcamp, students’ definition of success, and ways to contribute to the success of the bootcamp. Some responses were practical while some were inspiring and heart-warming. (To see the summary of responses, click here.)

However, the afternoon has just begun. And it was practice time already for our students as our Instructor prepared for them a coding exercise using what they learned in the morning. They were given a time limit of one and a half (1.5) hours and the chance for consultation while working on their outputs. The first one finished in just 35 minutes!

When the time limit was reached, seven (7) out of ten (10) students were already done and the Instructors said that their outputs were already good with just a few minor improvements needed. The task time was extended for half an hour to accommodate the remaining three (3) students who were still finishing their work. When it was the last one finishing his work, one of his classmates volunteered to help. And we’re just glad to see this kind of dynamics among our students.

The instructor gave her feedback about the students’ outputs first before she proceeded to continue with her discussion to ensure that the students would know which ones to look out for in future exercises. She ended the class hours later after informing the students about what topics and what activities to expect next.

The first topic – HTML – was originally planned to last for two (2) days from today but based on our observation, our students are generally quick learners so it seems like the two (2) days may become one and a half (1.5) days only. We do hope that our students went home feeling empowered on just their first day of training.