Friday Delight

Happy friday! To conclude this week, let’s take a break from the bootcamp posts and learn more about programming in general – the happy, frustrating, crazy and fun side!

To begin, let’s acknowledge the fact that programmers go through a lot during coding -they feel ecstatic and proud when their program is able to run without errors, hangry (hungry and angry at the same time) when they haven’t eaten and unable to find a solution to a persistent bug, worried when they have to cover for their front-end designer who’s on leave, and the list goes on.

For your Friday delight, we’ve gathered some of the best moments that capture what a programmer goes through in his coding life. Enjoy! 🙂 *credits to the_coding_love();*

When they ask me to do some CSS
When I finally fixed a bug
When  my code doesn’t work as expected
When my errors handler is functional


Realizing you forgot to fix a bug right after release
When I execute a big SQL query for the first time
When I have tons of warnings but my code still works
Testing a framework without documentation


When I start reading the client requests
When I have 1 hour left to fix 20 bugs
When someone comes to ask a question during my break
When I see the code I wrote yesterday before going to bed
When a bug suddenly disappears while I changed nothing in my code
When pair programming goes wrong
When I try to understand the new client request

Which do you relate to the most? XD Let us know in the comments below!

Happy weekend! 😀