It’s Simple But Never Easy: Batch 5 Day Class Capstone Project 3


The fifth batch of the day class of the Tuitt Coding Bootcamp presented their third capstone project on the 15th of November 2017, three days before their last day on the twelve-week full stack web development bootcamp.

These projects were critical enough to determine who will pass the bootcamp and attend the culmination program plus the second Tuitt mixer – a special event allowing the coding bootcamp alumni to socialize and create a network of like-minded-people, career-shifters, and web developers.

This is the pioneer batch occupying the thirty seats of Tuitt’s Caswyn building training center. They started with that number but only the dedicated and the determined-enough will receive their certificates of completion.

Minimum Requirements

To quantify the performance and skillset acquired by the campers whole throughout the process, the instructors created this baseline of their projects created.

Front-End Development

Half of the total rating of this project will come from the front-end side.

All of the technologies learnt by the campers crafting their capstone project 1 will be needed here such HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap (or other CSS frameworks), jQuery, fundamentals of web design, ideation and discovery.

Back-End Development

The other half of the total rating will come from the backend side.

It will require the campers to create their web applications using the Laravel framework – an amazing full-stack framework crafted for PHP web developers.

The CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete) functionality learned from the second capstone project should be implemented here as well, excluding the user authentication and authorization – these functionalities and several more can be made and customized efficiently using Laravel.

Projects Line-Up

Wewil, Created by Mon
BookApp, Created by Christopher
Amistad, Created by Edwin
Journalator, Created by Mart
Pearl Drv
Pearl Drv, Created by Jhun
Hygge, Created by DJ
My Postcard
My Postcard, Created by John Paul
Median, Created by Lester
Ememe, Created by Emerson
PurpleKnapp, Created by Julie
Scheduler, Created by Braile
CSPIII, Created by Jhories
Dog Talk
Dog Talk, Created by Daniel
CityHoops, Created by Charles
9Laughs, Created by Dominic
MordeBlog, Created by Francis
Litrato, Created by Hannah
MyPC, Created by Bernard
Noob@LOL, Created by Kenneth Sze
Hyper Mega Gunpla Blog
Hyper Mega Gunpla Blog, Created by John Kenneth
Balitangina, Created by Florentino
The Hotel
The Hotel, Created by Ed
Travel Philippines
Travel Philippines, Created by Paulo
Kainta-Yo, Created by Jeremiah
Likha, Created by Jennifer
Mentor PH
Mentor PH, Created by Ken

What Comes Next

“Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body.”

— Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Doing full-time work of pushing pixels horizontally and vertically with three projects and a web developer portfolio as your external validation is just the start of our campers’ amazing and challenging life as IT professionals. Their next and ultimate goal is to land a web developer job and to help the industry in creating cool software products that matters.

Congratulations batch five day class!