Kick-start your tech job preparation journey with Zuitt and Kinobi

One of the most challenging tasks of being an adult is searching for a job. In this day and age, you have to look online for current job openings, write and send a well-written resume and cover letter, and be prepare for upcoming interviews. 

Fortunately, job preparation platforms can help prepare and equip ourselves for that “next big job.” Kinobi, Asia’s #1 digital career accelerator platform, partnered with Zuitt Coding Bootcamp to help young adults in their tech job preparation journey.

Empowering young adults to achieve success in their chosen career paths 

At Zuitt, students are provided with all the necessary skills they will need to become a Web Developer. Guidance with portfolio building, job-hunting, and even employability assistance is available to all the bootcampers. After completing the training, Zuitt works on providing relevant intensive short courses to all bootcamp completers for continuous learning.

On the other hand, Kinobi is a digital career accelerator platform headquartered in Singapore that provides education, access to networks, and branding for people to attain their dream careers. Kinobi is currently operating in five countries across the Asia-Pacific region – Singapore, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Australia, and the Philippines, through its products and service offerings of coaches, online courses, and other career services.

If you sign up on their website, you can access a resume and cover letter builder, interview guides, and interview training. They also offer short but informative online courses, virtual internship, job portal, and coaching sessions from expert professionals in various industries. Since May 2020, Kinobi has been making a dent in the way Asia’s Gen Z achieve their dream careers. Now, they are known in 200+ universities in Asia.

Both aims to propel job hunters to pursue their dream tech career

Zuitt and Kinobi aims to empower people who are interested in a tech career – specifically the Software Developer Career pathway. Combined with Zuitt’s Software Development and programming teaching expertise and Kinobi’s job preparation services and educational courses, this partnership aims to propel job hunters to pursue their dream tech career.  

In order to make it happen, Zuitt and Kinobi teamed up and conceptualized beneficial projects in the pipeline. They will co-create course videos and organize webinars on topics like how coding can help change the future, the different coding languages, and an overview of the different programming careers. These educational course videos will be uploaded on Kinobi’s website. 

As community partners, Zuitt and Kinobi commit to help people discover their interest and learning potential in web development. Visit and to start your tech job preparation now!