Code Youth | Zuitt X Chevening Vietnam Free Coding Bootcamp

Zuitt Coding Bootcamp’s vision is to provide opportunities for everyone, everywhere. To accomplish this goal, Zuitt intends to create projects and collaborations with different organizations globally. Furthermore, Chevening Vietnam Career Mentoring Programme also shares the same objective by giving new learning opportunities and career progression for the youth. 

Chevening Vietnam Career Mentoring Programme aims to promote the Chevening Scholarship program in Vietnam,and to nurture the careers of the young generation. The Chevening Vietnam alumni network initiated the CVCM Programme in Vietnam to support students with career orientation and development while attending university.

The Free Coding Bootcamp for the Chevening Vietnam Career Mentoring Programme participants and alumni happened last October 02 & 03, 2021 (Saturday & Sunday). This 2-day session class was an exclusive event for the CVCM mentees.

Coding is everywhere, coding is the future.

Ms. Khanh Nguyen, the CVCM Executive Team Lead, started off the event with a motivational talk, commending the mentees for giving their time and effort to participate in the event. Next, she briefly discussed that upskilling and future-proofing in your career are necessary in any of the career paths the mentees choose to pursue or shift to. 

The event had 3 lesson outlines: The Coding and IT Overview, Programming Languages, and the actual Code-along Session. This is for the participants to understand and fully-grasped the objectives of why the two organizations partnered for this project – that coding is everywhere, and coding is the future.  

The code-along session was led by Instructor Jino and Instructor Chris, providing the medium of instruction in English. The CVCM mentees consisted of university students and young working adults, who freed their weekend mornings to learn basic web development using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. The participants are encouraged to ask questions to understand the function of the programming codes and tools fully. 

At the end of the class, each participant proudly shared their outputs to the instructors and to the group. The majority of the mentees do not have prior coding knowledge, but they produced a live website that they can use as a basic web profile.

These are some of the few statements from the participants:

“Whenever I’m confused and share my problem, the instructor would kindly look at it and help me so that I can follow the training session better. I also enjoy my result, the web developer portfolio, which is amazing. It’s a pleasure for me to participate in FCB and learn from the Zuitt team.”

– Le N.

“I love it so much. Thank you for such a great Bootcamp. I learnt quite a lot, and the instructor was so inspiring, kind and patient with us.”

Ngọc Hà N.

“This is my very first coding course. As always, I like the feeling of learning like a kid, as fresh as it can be. I have learnt a lot of good things, not just only the technical part but also logical reasoning.”

Minh Triết H.

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We would like to commend all the CVCM mentees who participated in learning Basic Web Development. With more projects like this, Zuitt is determined to spread coding literacy globally. 


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