The Reunion: Second Tuitt Mixer

Tokens are all ready to be given away for the Tuitt alumni who will win the games.

After the graduation program, an event was held at Fresh Press, just a floor below Tuitt’s Caswyn training center. This allowed the new set of alumni and the Tuitt family to immediately build their new network to the IT landscape.

The event created a venue to gather into one roof the bootcamp’s alumni and enable them to create a connection with one another, with like-minded people — career-shifters and web developers.

The need for connection and community is primal, as fundamental as the need for air, water, and food.

— Dean Ornish

Stream of Images

As with the first Tuitt Mixer, alumni were asked to register.

Am I in or out?

Our visionary boss was happy to deliver his opening remarks and welcome all alumni who showed up for the event.

Sir Tom (Director/Founder) getting ready for his Opening remarks.

The recent graduates were not shy to showcase their talents.

Batch 5 day class represent.

The batch immediately preceding our recent graduates did not let themselves be shadowed. Our Batch 4 graduates were game to jam as well.

What are we really doing here in front?

Our Third Day batch has their representatives attending as well.

Guess who we are looking at.
The mentor and the mentees.

We are also glad that our First Night Class graduates were here again as in our first Tuitt mixer.

We are not prepared for this shot. Really.
Okay, now what?
What are we talking about again?
We are not listening. Okay.


Gangsta paradise.

It seems that only the Batch 2 of both our Day Class and Night Class missed the event. However, we are still looking forward to them showing up in the next Tuitt mixers.

The A-Team of Tuitt.

Our staff also showcased their talents and interacted with all of our alumni who are present. It was indeed a merry event where network-building has never been more fun. See you again next time!