Tuitt to Zuitt Coding Bootcamp: Our Journey to become Your Lifelong Career Partner

The big change is here! And it’s got several vast improvements to go with it.

To start off, we are officially changing our name from Tuitt to ZUITT!

What brought about this change you ask? To sum it up, it’s all about growth.

It has always been our mission to be the #1 Coding Bootcamp in the Philippines, by equipping passionate individuals with the necessary skills to become developers, by bridging the gap between education and employment qualifications, and by helping our students successfully land programmer jobs or relaunch awesome careers in the Tech industry.

Thanks to our rapid growth as a coding bootcamp, we can now help over 1,000 Filipinos learn web development every year, besides equipping them with the job hunting skills needed to get hired as Software Engineers.

That’s why we felt it was time to evolve and expand our horizons as a company as well.

So first off, why the name “Zuitt”?

We derived Zuitt from the Japanese word zutto(ずっと) which means “long lasting”. As we keep growing and evolving, we want to go beyond just being number 1 when it comes to cultivating web developers. Zuitt wants to become your LIFELONG CAREER PARTNER and help you become number 1 in your field.

How exactly can we become your lifelong career partner?


Our first initiative will be to provide CONTINUOUS TRAINING to our bootcampers, even after they graduate and become software engineers.
The technological landscape is always changing, and new programming languages, frameworks, and practices are always popping up. That is why we believe that the first step to becoming your lifelong career partner is to provide you with the chance to avail of the training you will need to not just get your foot in the door, but also to keep growing in your career. As our instructors say, “Never stop learning”.


Secondly, Zuitt will also make it a point to provide all our graduates with a chance to REFUND their tuition should they fail to secure a job offer as a software engineer within 4 months of their graduation from the bootcamp.

We strongly believe that our graduates are equipped with the skills that employers are looking for in their developers. That is why we are confident in your chances of securing a career in tech after learning with us. However, if you do all you can to land a career in tech and still don’t end up with a job offer, we as your lifelong career partner will give you a refund.


These are the steps we are taking to become your lifelong career partner. And we’ve decided to commemorate this evolution by changing our name from Tuitt to Zuitt. Although the name may change, our mission to serve you remains the same and only grows stronger by the minute.

Bootcamp graduates, stay tuned for our upcoming continued training class announcements.
Grow your career with us. We are ZUITT CODING BOOTCAMP.

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    1. Hi Grace,

      We prefer to discuss the pricing in person so that we may better address any questions you have.

      Please attend one of our free orientations by registering at

    1. Hello Jeffrey!

      Thanks for showing interest in our bootcamp.

      The training fee would depend on the schedule and payment scheme chosen by the applicant who passed the assessment process. We currently offer three payment options (Upfront, Installment, and “Study-Now-Pay-Later”).

      To know more about this, kindly book a free live consultation with one of our Career Advisors (at so we can further discuss these with you.

      Attending the free live consultation is also the first step in our application process.

      Thank you!

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