Visitors, Singers, Programmers

July 14, 2017

Today is the second demo day of our Batch 4 (Day class) campers! This time, we invited representatives from FFUF Manila Incorporated, where one of our alumni also works, to check out and observe the students’ presentations as well as see potential hires.

Trainees together with FFUF representatives

Prior to the presentation day, Sir Peejay, one of the instructors, helped determine the 11 projects to be presented. The factors for inclusion were the trainees’ quality of output, time dedicated to the project, and their confidence to present.

The Furious Eleven

So after several days of less than 4 hours of sleep, several cups of coffee, and a ton of hard work, let’s go ahead and take a look at the projects crafted by our aspiring developers. To check out the actual sites, simply click on each heading.

Book Musketeers

Created by Joan, Book Musketeers is a minimalist and serenely designed web application for sharing ebooks online.

My Ragnarok DB

Created by Nar, My Ragnarok DB is an online database of Ragnarok Philippines game with real-time chat system for site members.

Wooden Hanger

Created by Pidz, Wooden Hanger is an e-commerce web application for clothes, bags, watches, and accessories.

The Bacon

Created by Mark, The Bacon is an e-commerce web application for buying and selling custom-designed t-shirts.

Original Sin

Created by Paul, Original Sin is an e-commerce web application for a physical pastry shop.

Chocobo Hut

Created by Jaekz, Chocobo Hut is a web-based mobile-friendly application intended for information sharing about the game, Fantasy.


Created by Julie, Bookstogo is a web-based library system wherein a user can maintain records of borrowed and returned books.

Online Learning System

Created by Benedict, Online Learning System, as the brand name implied, is an online learning system for any academic institutions.


Created by Nico, Monoposto is a web application crafted with subtlety in mind for Formula 1 racing history and data visualization. He utilized the Ergast Developer API and The Guardian Open Platform for the application’s main source of data.


Created by Emman, Karauke is an online version of Karaoke but using song lyrics with ukulele cords with the option for users to create his/her own entry.

When In Naga

Created by Kevin, When in Naga is a personal custom-made blogging platform and CMS.


On a fun note, this second capstone presentation made a mark in Tuitt history because of one presenter’s unique performance. Emman, the person who created Karauke, treated us to a ukulele number as demonstration of his output.  You can see his awesome Despacito cover in our Facebook page. Check it out! 🙂

Moving on, this set of web applications were absolutely amazing considering that only two months ago, the trainees had very few and minimal experience in terms of web development and programming. The effort, hard work, and countless hours of coding definitely did not go unnoticed.

One milestone more and we are ready for this batch of future junior web developers to dive into the world of software and web development. We expect yet another challenging milestone ahead for the third capstone project, but I believe that we can all do this!

Once again, good job guys!

“You do not need to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” — Zig Ziglar