It is YNS’ mission to grow their Junior Developers in the Philippines

Today, tech companies like YNS are in constant search of developers whose skills best cater to their company’s current demands. 

Zuitt Coding Bootcamp offers a service called Financial Aid by Employers Program where Zuitt helps not only its partner companies with their recruiting and hiring needs, but also individuals who are looking for free full-stack web development training and a job-guaranteed opportunity. 

YNS is a  Japanese IT Software Company founded in 2009 specializing in web services and mobile applications that uses leading-edge technology to produce japan quality output. With the goal to support Filipino IT talents, YNS partnered with Zuitt providing 3 slots for promising local candidates. 

(Inputs by Manabu Yamazaki – YNS CEO, and the team)

(Interviewed by Tomohisa Kato – Zuitt Group CEO and Founder) 


Manabu Yamazaki started his career as a Software Engineer from a Non-IT employer in his 20s. In college, he studied Information Technology, but most of his learnings still came from his own hard work and perseverance. Later on, he started his development business at home – the humble beginnings of his own company, YNS.

YNS Business needs a Continuous Search for Filipino Developers

—— What is YNS’s nature of business? Tell us about your company.

In general, YNS does off-shore development. The difference between our company and others is that we provide services that are not only Downstream but also Upstream. The downstream service is the software development itself, while our upstream service includes hearing our client’s concerns and helping them with the management of their client companies. 

Since we started our interaction with our clients by helping them change their business concerns to business concepts, unlike other offshore development services, we have wider freedom in choosing what technology we can use.  Because of this, our developers can experience a wider variety of technologies than other offshore development companies within the field.

We strive for our company to be a place of growth for our staff, and a place where hard work and efforts must be rewarded. I want to provide opportunities for people who are underprivileged. We regularly set this not only in our mission and vision but also in our management goal. I believe that IT skills are essential to learning for the future as there will always be good employment opportunities within the IT field – employment that even new graduates can attain.   

—— What do YNS developers usually work on? 

We have more or less 50 developers and around 10 QA Testers. 80% of our developers do detailed design, development, deployment, and testing. 10% of them do basic design and code reviews. We also do the release of service and infrastructure. Some of our projects come from Filipino clients, with some of our engineers directly talking to these clients. 

—— Any challenges the company is facing? Did you experience challenges when it comes to recruiting and training tech members?

I wondered how we can cultivate a good culture that can solve our project deadline issues. We saw Junior Developers as the key to this new culture. Filipino developers initially tend to estimate too optimistic deadlines. This is seen as a soft skill issue rather than a hard skill. We welcome developers with high soft skills. We’re also willing to cultivate the soft skills of our staff. It’s very important to have this solved, as it is important to not have any projects delayed. 

—— How did Zuitt help with your recruitment and training needs?

Zuitt helped us look for Junior Developer talents with certain good soft skills who can also grow with our company. While it’s important to focus on our developers’ fundamental skills – which is specifically PHP and Javascript, for us Japanese, we also want our employees to be aligned with the company’s project needs. We want to prioritize soft-skill-based screening during our recruitment and Zuitt was able to help us out with that. 

Zuitt and YNS partnered up to provide IT talents to cultivate

—— What was the goal for partnering with Zuitt?

YNS would like to recruit individuals who are not only coming from the Computer Science field. We do so in Japan while we hadn’t so until the Program with Zuitt. . Lastly, Filipinos are young and full of talent and we would love to maximize this.

—— What’s the best thing about partnering with Zuitt?

The best thing is the communication with the Zuitt team. They deliver insights immediately such as status updates, dates of onboarding, or Bootcamp schedule. 

—— Tell us about your observations on your recruited trainees from Zuitt. 

They have just been onboarded recently, but appear to be more enthusiastic and more engaged. They are still doing in-house training but from what I observed is that they easily adapt to the technologies and task estimation. Aside from looking forward to them being regular employees of the company, we are also training them to become good engineers like our current developers.

JOSEPH. We saw his willingness to learn and we appreciate his proactiveness. His goal for the next three months is to be a valuable part of his team (Team 1) through task accomplishments, team discussions, project analysis, and documentation studies.

JOQUIN. We admire how he gets along with his team very well. He is able to deliver on his given tasks. We observed how he’s good at communicating well with the team. As of the moment, his main goal is to get himself up to speed with familiarizing the projects being handled by his team. He stated that “My training at Zuitt and the additional in-house training that I was equipped with here at YNS has given me the skills to tackle the tasks. Though I’m expecting that being actually deployed on a project and handling updates and changes would be a different ballpark, I’m expecting to encounter unfamiliar scenarios and unexpected situations, and that would require me to adapt and adjust further so that I’m able to finally contribute to the company.”

NORO. We have observed how good of a listener he is. He is very polite to his teammates. He proactively takes initiative in the projects given to him. He actively communicates with the team. We’re happy to see how he is being diligent with the tasks given to him. His goal is to become an independent programmer that needs minimal supervision from his teammates. He mentioned that he wanted to stay in YNS to gain more experience in the field.

—— Any future recruiting plans?

We would like to increase the number of our developers especially ones for infrastructures, such as AWS, and DevOps.

YNS Company Goals and Future Projects

—— What are your company’s goals?

We would like our Philippines-subsidiary company to be more independent. We want to introduce the budget system and help our Filipino staff to understand and discuss ROI more. No-code and low-code are also attractive chances.  This is the area we expect our Filipino developers to make a research by themselves, as we allow our developers to spend 20% of their time on their studies.  We want to be ready for us promoting No-code and Low-code to our clients.

—— Any other thoughts that you want to share with us?

With our developers, I don’t like the idea of keeping seniority in a higher position within the company. If you are a young person who can produce the expected better results, then I want to offer the same level of compensation. I would expect assertiveness from Filipino Developers regardless of their position.

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