Zuitt continues to be the Most Featured Coding Bootcamp by the Media

Since the start of Zuitt Coding Bootcamp in 2016, it has achieved greater and greater success. As the years go by, Zuitt continues to work on the betterment of its services to aspiring web developers in the country.

We have put into action our vision: “Opportunities for everyone, everywhere,” when we launched an online coding bootcamp in 2020. This big step has not been easy, but it is worth every barrier as this also opened doors for aspiring web developers globally. Yes, despite the 2020’s struggles, Zuitt is now providing its services to a larger audience worldwide.

To date, Zuitt has helped over 1,500 individuals become Professional Full Stack Web Developers, and trained more than 80 batches for above 200 employers. As these numbers continue to go up, Zuitt acknowledges that its victories rippled through the successes of all its boot campers since Day 1. 

Zuitt as featured by media 

Although we have only been in the industry for a few years, it is an achievement that numerous publishers have noticed our presence as an education technology company. This is why we can confidently say that we have been the most featured boot camp in the Philippines.

Here are some of the articles noting our milestones:

Zuitt’s Study Now Pay Later Program

In a Medium article published by Patricia Miraflores, she highlighted Zuitt CEO and Founder, Tomohisa Kato’s entrepreneurial journey from his former company RareJob to Tuitt (Now Zuitt). 

From its humble beginnings, the story on how Zuitt was born was also noted: “The idea of Tuitt(Zuitt) developed from RareJob’s difficulty in finding IT manpower for back-end support.” This serves true to a former intern of RareJob: Angeli Lanuza, who is now one of our Tech employees. In her interview for this article, she put emphasis on the need of most IT graduates in the country to work on a specific forte of skills.

Aside from IT professionals, many career shifters are also choosing to “learn by doing” Web Development. Christian Geroy, a former call center agent, admits he was hesitant before joining the boot camp due to financial constraints. Because of the Study Now Pay Later program, he was able to change careers with ease. 

Zuitt’s win on Stevie Awards in 2020

Tomohisa Kato has always been fond of Filipino’s potential.  His unwavering life vision: “Chances for everyone, everywhere” has helped thousands of Filipinos to build up a career in the Education and Tech Industry. 

Last July 2020, Zuitt won the Silver Stevie® Award in the Innovation Technology Development category of the 7th annual Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards. In this feature article, the silver-award winning piece mentioned the achievements of the company in its years of service. This includes Zuitt’s transition to online classes, Mobile Internet Scholarship, and PC Rentals for its boot campers as its response to Covid-19. 

Zuitt and NexSeed Partnership

NexSeed, in collaboration with Zuitt, announced an employment guarantee scholarship. This offers free training of Zuitt’s Developer Career Program to qualified aspiring Filipino web developers. After completing the training, the scholars were guaranteed a job at NexSeed. 

As featured in the article by excite.news, our collaboration with NexSeed has helped the company to grow its own group of engineers. This project also helped Zuitt in return as we realized our own goal to provide opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

Coding is the Future

Zuitt continues to train many  bootcampers to fill in jobs for the growing tech industry in the Philippines. We are proud to be one of the leading coding bootcamps that embodies the “Coding is the future” movement in the country. 

Are you an aspiring web developer? Do you want to have a career in Tech? Learn to code your website and website applications from scratch with our Developer Career Program. 

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