A Career Shifter from Baguio City: Evan’s Coding Journey with Zuitt

Photo of Evan O.

Baguio City – In the highlands of Benguet Province, Zuitt Bootcamper Evan fulfilled his passion for programming through Zuitt’s online coding Bootcamp. He worked as a Seafarer after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering degree from the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA.

As a career shifter, Evan chose to study Web Development because he believes it is his stepping stone to build a career in the IT Industry. Fortunately, Zuitt offers online live instruction for all aspiring web developers nationwide. 

“I’m from Baguio, so it’s nice that the Bootcamp was online. Pretty convenient for me.”

His coding journey started when he attended one of Zuitt’s Free Coding Bootcamp. From this experience, he created his web profile while learning basic HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. He then enrolled in Zuitt’s Developer Career Program to continue what he had already started. 

Aside from learning a new skill, Evan learned this valuable lesson while training with Zuitt – pursuing your passion/dream will make you happy. 

“As a career shifter, my overall experience was amazing because I enjoyed programming from start to end. My goal is to have a successful future in programming and to enjoy what I love to do.” 

Although he had encountered some struggles during his capstone projects, he persevered and held fast to his ambition with the help of the Zuitt team. He gladly commended Zuitt’s efforts that gave him the best possible experience. 

“Zuitt cares about its students. The staff listens to suggestions and feedback to serve the best Bootcamp experience. My struggle was time, especially when I was making my Capstone 3, I handled it by requesting assistance from my Career Advisor, and upon the approval of my request, some instructors guided me until I finished the capstone. ”

At present, Evan does freelancing projects on the side while waiting for his final interview. From being a Seafarer, now an official Full Stack Web Developer, we can learn a thing or two from his journey as a career shifter. Here’s an encouraging message from a fellow Zuitt boot camper:

“To the future bootcampers, if you really want to pursue your dreams or you want to shift careers as I did, don’t be afraid to take the Bootcamp. All of Zuitt’s staff are kind and approachable. The course is beginner-friendly and you will learn a lot. By taking the Bootcamp, you will gain the foundation of programming skills and have the confidence that you are competent enough to be hired. You just need to commit to pursuing your passion and everything follows.” 

From anywhere you are, you can conveniently access Zuitt’s Web Development training online. It is Zuitt’s lifelong mission to provide opportunities for everyone, everywhere. 

We care about your passion for learning. And just like Evan, you too can achieve your goal of starting a new career in the Tech Industry. It’s not a problem if you do not have any IT background or coding experience. Zuitt’s Developer Career Program is beginner-friendly and career-shifter friendly. 

It’s time for you to level up your career like Evan. At Zuitt, we will teach you all the necessary coding skills you need to know to become a Full Stack Web Developer. 

To know more, book a Live Consultation via zuitt.co to talk with one of our Career Advisors. Learn more about our curriculum, schedules, and the Study Now Pay Later payment plan. 

Let’s get you started! Zuitt is here to be your Lifelong Career Partner!