Career Shifters: 3 Inspiring Stories from Zuitt Alumni

In this digital age, careers involving digital skills are most profitable. So, progressively, a considerable number of professionals are eyeing job opportunities in Tech. And for those whose professions are highly non-technical, shifting careers is definitely challenging. 

Gain insights from these three inspiring career shifters who learned web development to start a new profession in the Tech Industry: 

  • Deen, from Physical Therapist to Web Developer.
  • John, from Customer Representative Specialist to Web Developer.
  • Mark, from Salesman to Website Engineer.

Shifting to a new career can be scary. But if you put your heart and mind to it, it will be as easy as taking two-month long classes. 

Meet Deen 

Former Physical Therapist, now a Web Developer.

Photo of Deen M.

Deen is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Coming from a medical field, Deen aspired to become a Web Developer. To better himself, he did his best to accomplish his goal to obtain work in the Tech Industry slowly but surely.

Even before enrolling in Zuitt’s Bootcamp, Deen already tried learning web development through self-studying. After a reasonable amount of time learning on his own, he then decided to look for institutions to help him fill in the gaps of everything he had learned. Most importantly, he wanted to gain mentorship and guidance towards refining his skills.

“I’ve heard a lot of good things about Zuitt, and I can say that the company’s reputation precedes it. When I was looking for good institutions to help learn web development, Zuitt frequently came up in my lists, so I decided to just go for it.” 

His reason behind pursuing Web Development as his subsequent career was clear; Deen sees that the web is set to be the go-to platform for everything because of recent trends. Given the endless possibilities, he concluded that learning Web Development is a good starting point. 

With Zuitt’s Developer Career Program, Deen learned a variety of programming languages and tools in front-end development, back-end development, and full-stack development. Aside from the required capstones from the training, Deen also incorporated his ideas for his passion projects. 

Deen proudly stated that his overall experience in Zuitt was generally positive. He highlighted that with his classmates being active participants, the camaraderie was always present in the class. He believes that when it comes to debugging and problem-solving during code exercises, learning together with his classmates fostered teamwork. 

He also learned that as a web developer, having persistence in researching and debugging generally makes one better. Overall, talking about his experience learning with Zuitt, he noted:

“The best part about the whole experience is how we were guided to apply our knowledge towards real-world projects which are closely aligned with real-world ventures – thus preparing the students for what is to come during their future careers.” 

Three months from starting the boot camp, Deen landed a job as a web developer right after completing the Developer Career Program from Zuitt. When asked how his career search went, he said:

“Thankfully, I’ve already landed a job as a developer shortly after graduating from boot camp. For that, I thank Zuitt for equipping me with the necessary skills to get my foot in the door and hopefully thrive in my career.” 

To all aspiring web developers like Deen, here’s a word of wisdom from a career shifter:

“If you have a dream, grab it tight and don’t let go. Things don’t just fall down on your lap, you have to believe it and work for it as best you can. Doing this, success will surely follow.” 

If you are having second thoughts in starting a new chapter in your life with a new career, learn from Deen’s message to himself before he took on his journey to learning how to code:

“Go for it! All your fears and inhibitions about shifting careers are nothing but unfounded notions in your head. Better days are ahead, for sure.”

Meet John

Former Customer Service Representative, now a Freelance Web Developer.

Photo of John A.

John is a graduate of AB Psychology. He spent most of his working years in the BPO Industry from being a Customer Service Specialist to a Business Analyst. One of John’s goals is to learn Full Stack Web Development and eventually land a job in the Tech Industry. 

It took time for John to decide on learning how to code. He mainly worried about his age and his lack of any computer-related educational background like Computer Science, Information Technology, or Computer Engineering. It was his notion that having these disadvantages would make it harder and impossible for him to learn Web Development. 

Despite these hindrances, John decided to join Zuitt and achieve his goal to become a Web Developer. When asked why he chose Zuitt to help him actualize his dream, he said:

“Zuitt, so far, has a good program designed to equip students to learn full-stack web development in a short, but reasonable amount of time. Also, the classes are online which makes learning accessible anywhere you are.”

John was particularly appreciative of the integration of some theories, concepts, and techniques in Zuitt’s Developer Career Program. As he took on his training with Zuitt, he also observed that all throughout the Bootcamp every day has a new session followed with an assessment through the activities. 

Like John, let us call to mind his advice when it comes to his experience in learning new things:

“Learning is a process. Failure and mistakes are inevitable factors of that process. As you commit yourself to learning, expect that you’ll commit lots of them. Never quit when it’s hard. It’s hard because you don’t know it yet, that’s how learning starts. Ask if you get stuck into something that you’re working on. Study smart, not just hard. Make a list of things you find challenging then start to work on them. Do some advanced readings for your class lesson the next day. You can do it. Just trust yourself.” 

John is now working as a Freelance Web Developer. To thrive in the Tech Industry, his goal is to continuously develop his web development skills after his Bootcamp training with Zuitt. He aims to work on projects where people can greatly benefit. 

Meet Mark

Former Salesman, now a Website Engineer.

Photo of Mark V.

Mark is a graduate of Associate Computer Technology. He believes that shifting from a salesman career to a Tech career will be an exciting endeavor for him to take. As someone who is eager to explore new skills, he sought to challenge himself by choosing a Web Developer career path. 

In his search for web development training, one of the factors that impacted his decision to join Zuitt was through online reviews posted by its former bootcampers. To achieve his goal, Mark chose to enroll in the Bootcamp.

“Based on the reviews of Zuitt Coding Bootcamp, there were a lot of successful students who graduated from Zuitt. According to them, Zuitt teaches the modern technologies that you may use for your future career, unlike the other boot camps that teach older technologies. That’s the main reason why I immediately applied to Zuitt Coding Bootcamp.”

In his Bootcamp experience, he valued the challenging tasks that were given to him by his instructors. Mark saw it as a challenge and a stepping stone to enhance his logical thinking and programming skills. As he took on all the required capstone projects, he found inspiration and motivation in the struggle. He diligently worked on each capstone project with his instructors’ guidance, matched with his great efforts.

Nothing is impossible when you have the grit to pursue your dreams. To those who are in need of encouragement, here’s a message from Mark: 

“You need to put in a great effort all the time especially if you are working with your projects. Do not lose hope immediately because there’s a lot of ways to solve the problems. No matter what happens, just keep going and learning until you achieve your goals in your life. Remember, we always start from the bottom and I was one of them. But right now, I have already achieved my dream job even though I’m not a degree holder yet.”

Right after his commencement with Zuitt, he immediately applied to companies and landed his first job as a website engineer.

It’s never too late to have a change of heart in your career. Just like Deen, John, and Mark, you too can achieve your success in the Tech industry. It’s true that at first, it will be tough and challenging. But as you go along the line, with grit and hustle, nothing is impossible. 

With our boot camper’s testimonials, we can proudly state that Zuitt’s curriculum is not just beginner-friendly, but also, career-shifter friendly. 

Are you inspired by Deen, John, and Mark’s stories? Do you want to be a Web Developer like them? 

At Zuitt, we will teach you all the necessary coding skills you need to know to become a Full Stack Web Developer. Our Developer Career Program is beginner-friendly and career shifter friendly.

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