A Look Into The Future | Batch 7 Day Class Capstone Project 3


“Is three months enough?” is one of the most common questions from aspiring Tuitt boot campers. In the complex and ever-evolving realm of coding, three months of consistent meticulous training is more than enough time to know the ins and outs of web development.

Don’t get me wrong — coding is not for everyone. It is made of theories built upon concepts built upon concepts, and a single program does not have enough room to explain it all. But seeing the progression of the skillset of the seventh batch of day class boot campers for Tuitt Coding Bootcamp showed how determination and passion can do wonders for one’s development. One look at their final Capstone projects and you will immediately see that the future definitely looks bright for this batch.

Minimum Requirements

To quantify the performance and skillset acquired by the campers throughout the whole process, the instructors created this baseline of their projects created.

Front-End Development

Half of the total rating of this project will come from the front-end side.

All of the technologies learnt by the campers crafting their capstone project 1 will be needed here such HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap (or other CSS frameworks), jQuery, fundamentals of web design, ideation and discovery.

Back-End Development

The other half of the total rating will come from the backend side.

It will require the campers to create their web applications using the Laravel framework – an amazing full-stack framework crafted for PHP web developers.

The CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete) functionality learned from the second capstone project should be implemented here as well, excluding the user authentication and authorization – these functionalities and several more can be made and customized efficiently using Laravel.




Projects Line-Up



SUMBONG, Created by Justine Manuel

A tool where employees within your company can submit incident reports from bullying to information breach.

– Justine




Tuitter, Created by Val Palma

Sign up now and let jobs find you.

– Val



Jango Unchained

Jango Unchained, Created by Jango Agustin

A personal blog that aims to cater to influencers/famous people who might want to have their own websites. This website was built with their needs in mind and therefore it has a UI built for showcasing photos and vlogs (video blogs).

– Jango




Inversa, Created by Juhnar Esmeralda

Simple Online Banking Website

– Juhnar



The Startup

The Startup, Created by Miguel Sioco

Changing the way you assemble your startup team

– Miguel




SGS2018, Created by Carlo Barcena

School Grading System Website

– Carlo



Libing Things

Libing Things, Created by Lance Cruz

You can’t escape death.. but you can prepare for it while you’re still alive. No surprises.

– Lance




Leaguide, Created by Rodney Cunanan

Guide for LoL gameplay, item builds and more to help you dominate with your favorite champions!

– Rodney



Ataraxia: A Mental Health Blog

Ataraxia, Created by Louie Naraja




Postkards, Created by Dec Wenceslao

Photo sharing web app that encourages travellers to share their journey and stories through the web app.

– Dec



World E Metro

WEM, Created by Ian Casinillo

A hybrid ecommerce and messenger website that provides the users with wide selection of luxury bags.

– Ian




webinarinc.com, Created by Gilbert Jacob

Learning Management System for Salespeople in the US

– Gilbert



Random Blog

Random Blog, Created by Ramir Fortunato

A personal blog website or diary where registered users can interact with the blog owner thru comments and email.

– Ramir



Abramazing Tours

Abramazing Tours, Created by Nyssa Kho

Discover and Experience Abra! Your place of adventure!

– Nyssa




Polymuse, Created by Ira Balajadia

Blog for music lover

– Ira




Shutter, Created by Angela Belicena

 Blog for passionate photographers

– Angela




GDMC, Created by Mark Henson S. Tio

Website of fraternity

– Mark Henson




Comp-ware, Created by Kristal Rose Corona

Don’t hesitate to ask, we can help you to know the answer. This is your chance to know what are the possibilities. Lets share and enjoy our knowledge.

– Kristal




Umalokohan, Created by Jim Castillo

A blog site dedicated to Philippine history, civics, and culture. We aim to provide readers with wide range of stories and think pieces from Filipino journalists, artists, and academics. Don’t miss out!

– Jim




Dissidiapedia, Created by Russel Loto

Basic gaming repository featuring your favorite FF iconic characters.

– Russel



Route 196

Route 196, Created by Jan De Vera

Are you new to town and looking for something to do tonight? Or do you want to relax and enjoy some music while drinking your favourite beer? Join us at Route 196! Check out our page to know more!

– Jan




Inked, Created by Nell Dugang

A blog site about tattoos

– Nell




Inked, Created by KV Mocling

A site to connect people.

– KV



That Blissful Day

Inked, Created by Cian Santiago

We will make that blissful day happen for you!

– Cian




AsianSTREATS, Created by Andrew Colocado

A food blog that features street foods around asia. Do you know some street foods around asia as well? You can share it with us thru asianstreats!

– Andrew



PearlSal Private Resort

PearlSAL, Created by Jessica Salimbacod

PearlSal Private Resort is an excellent destination for your getaways any time of the year.

– Jessica



Minute Zero

Minute Zero, Created by Chino Daquigan

A fight sports article blog that showcases the not so obvious write-ups about anything and everything about the combat world.

– Chino



Creative Paths Learning School

CLP School, Created by Rita Canon

A blog site for Create Learning Paths School

– Rita




Findee, Created by Earl Hapal

Findee – a find items game inspired by the hit puzzles book Where’s Wally (Waldo). After all the stress, why not play for a while?

– Earl



And that’s it! We wish you all the best in your developer careers! And don’t forget to continue learning and continue improving on your skills.


Your future hasn’t been written yet. No one’s has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one!

– Dr. Emmett L. Brown