Made with love and patience – Day Class Batch 8 Capstone Project 2

The TUITT Coding Bootcamp Batch 8 Day Class has just completed their capstone project 2, creating an e-commerce website to sell products and services.

The journey for the project was arduous, but they proved again that as long as you have the skill, you can push through any challenge presented to you. This project brings this batch closer to becoming full stack developers, capable of doing front-end and back-end aspects of the development cycle.

Requirements and Specifications:

For the Capstone Project, the students were required to create the following to aid them in making their project.

  • An ideation of their e-commerce site (what products/services they will be selling)
  • An Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) (how the database tables would be structured)

Website Features
The project must have the following features:

  • User registration and authentication
  • Landing page
  • Catalog page of items with sorting
  • Admin control panel
  • Database access for Items, Users, and Cart
  • Cart and Checkout
  • Order and Transaction History

The grading will focus more on the back end and less on the front end with the breakdown as follows:

UI/UX – 20%
Functionality – 40%
Code organization – 30%
Database organization – 10%

And without further ado, here are the capstone URLs.


Online store for shoppers interested in tech, and gaming. Ranging from consoles, accessories, and games. All you need to have the best gaming experience is here. Gamehub, the best online game shop, with guaranteed fast-delivery with great reviews. – Kynt

KnK Dog Matters

Online DOG store supplies. This website is created for fur mommies/daddies/Dog lovers who love to buy stuffs for their dogs. KnK short of ken&kendra. – Khey


Hype is an online clothing store. Its main purpose is to sell and promote all clothing brands. It can also help clothing/apparel manufacturers build their online presence. – Mike

Patchi Coffee

I am a coffee addict so why not promote the product I love the most? I am also driven to create opportunities for local coffee growers by promoting and making their products easily available through an online store. By creating opportunities, I hope to leverage the scale of  the Philippine Coffee industry . – Mitch

Pure Tech

Looking for cheap, reliable laptops? Pure Tech is the place for you! Get discounts and unbelievable deals everyday! – Jepoy

Pure Food

Convenience at your fingertips is the heart of our business.
Pure Food makes your grocery shopping hassle-free and saves you time.
With just a few clicks online, we can deliver the goods from our store to your doorstep any time of the day! – Huge

Pure Tools

Pure Tools Hardware is an online hardware store. We’ve got all your tools and equipments from a-Z. We sell high quality and affordable products that suits your need. So what are you waiting for? Shop now, shop Pure Tools! – Renz

Pure Style

Pure Style is an online apparel store for men. Feel free to browse our top-quality shirts, shorts, jeans, and polo-shirts – Ian

Pure Scents

Why search for the perfect perfume if you can create your own? Have fun mixing aromatic chemicals and matching fragrances — all through the tips of your fingers — while our scientists do the dirty job for you! – Raia

Error Musume

“Error Musume” offers a variety of collectible Kancolle clear cards. Browse through our collection to add to your Kancolle! – Larry

Instant Meals

Meal delivery right to your doorstep. Feel free to choose from our wide variety of dishes fit for any palatte – Kier

Pure Cafe

Love Coffee but busy? Love Coffee but no time to go to Coffee shops? This coffee shopping site is good for you.. It offers coffee and also food that will make your mouth water. – Chris


Website focused on selling gadgets online. Shop for various drones, cellphones, and other gadgets – MB


Hats for people who want to buy exotic hats online. – Jovit

Time Machine

This website was created for people who love watches as an accessory and for watch lovers as well. My motivation for creating this project is that I, myself, am a watch lover, and I have a big interest in watches. – Louie