Financial Aid by Industries, as “Free” Coding Bootcamp and “Job Placement” by Zuitt

Zuitt provides financial aid to qualified Bootcamp applicants. Aside from the regular payment schemes such as the Upfront, Installment, and Study Now Pay Later (SNPL), financial aid is an added option for Bootcamp applicants in which financing by Zuitt’s Industry partners is applied under specified terms and conditions. 

For Dec 2021, only 3 slots are available. Interested applicants can apply here. 

What is Financial Aid by Industries?

Financial Aid by Industries is a type of payment scheme for Zuitt’s Coding Bootcamp in which qualified Bootcamp applicants, following a set of specified terms and conditions for the aid, may be able to join Zuitt’s coding Bootcamp for free. 

What are the eligibility criteria?

Applicants who wish to avail of this financial aid must be a Bachelor’s degree holder, a suitability quiz passer preferably scored high (suitability quiz is available upon registration on Zuitt’s website)

How to apply?

All applicants will undergo the normal Bootcamp application process.

  • Step 1: Register in
  • Step 2: Take Suitability Quiz
  • Step 3: Book Live Consultation/Live Info Session
  • Step 4: Attend scheduled Live Consultation/Live Info Session
  • Step 5: Attend Interview/Assessment
  • Step 6: Contract Signing/ Financial Aid Discussion

The screening process will be done accordingly. Details on Financial Aid by Industry will be thoroughly explained by a Career Advisor representative upon contract signing. 

For Dec 2021, only 3 slots are available. Interested applicants can apply here. 

How does “job placement” work? 

Selected applicants for financial aid by industries will join the Bootcamp with presumed financial aid shouldered by Zuitt’s Industry partners. The Zuitt Developer Career program consists of two-course packages; main course package and short course packages

  • Step 1: Complete the main course package of Zuitt Developer career program
  • Step 2: Zuitt refer the main course completer to its Industry partners
  • Step 3: Short courses started
  • Step 4: The main course completers go through the interview process by the industry partners
  • Step 5: The main course completers get and accept job offer
  • Step 6: Short courses ended

The job placement will be conducted for free to boot campers. If no success of referral for 3 months from the main course package completion, including weeks with short courses, the boot camper can start to look for a job among other employers than Zuitt’s industrial partners. 

Although no job is guaranteed, Zuitt is confident in referring its course completers to their partners, especially after the screening process fit for the Financial Aid.

How will candidates be able to join Zuitt’s coding Bootcamp for “free”?

The financial aid will be applied only if the boot camper complies and met all the necessary requirements stated in the agreement. 

They must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Apply to all job opening of industry partner that Zuitt refers them to after the bootcamp training 
  • Accept when industry partners give them a job offer

After contract signing, the boot camper enrolled in Zuitt’s Developer Career Program should complete the Main Course Package (first 2-3 months of the Bootcamp). Upon completion of the Bootcamp, Zuitt will refer the Bootcamp completers to its partners. 

If the boot camper fails to get hired by the Industry partners within 3 months, Zuitt will shoulder the Bootcamp training fees. 

Otherwise, the boot campers would have to pay for the whole Bootcamp fee via the Study Now Pay Later payment scheme. 

  • They did not complete the bootcamp.
  • They complete the bootcamp but afterward chooses not to sign an employment agreement with the industry partners
  • They complete the bootcamp, work with the employer, but leave during the first 2 years of employment.

All terms and conditions will be detailed on the agreement and discussed upon contract signing. 

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  1. As mentioned above, the Financial Aid by Industries program is subject to terms and conditions.  
  2. Zuitt Careers Inc. and Zuitt Learning Institute Inc. are separate entities under the Philippine laws. All recruitment and placement activities are handled by Zuitt Careers Inc., which is an authorized and licensed recruitment and placement company, subject to Philippines law and regulations.
  3. This is a joint initiative among Zuitt Careers Inc., Zuitt Learning Institute Inc., and its partners. This post is drafted by Zuitt Careers Inc.

For Dec 2021, only 3 slots are available. Interested applicants can apply here.