First Websites – a Portfolio in the making

“If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin.” – Even Turgenev

It is D-Day for our students to showcase their first websites for which they have spent two class days. As tuitt staff, we are excited and curious about what exactly we are going to see. Although we somehow have an idea of what themes some students have, the others are really good at hiding their outputs when we snoop around. Haha!

Before the presentation started, our instructor listed the order with which the students will present their respective outputs. This order of presentation was based on the assessment of the levels of completion of each student’s website as reported by the student and as deemed by the instructor.

The instructor also gave guidelines on how to proceed with the presentation. During their respective presentations, the students were first asked to introduce themselves then talk about why and how they decided on the theme for their website. Afterwards, they were expected to show the audience a walk-through of their website. They were also asked about the challenges they encountered as well as the solutions they have used to resolve these challenges, if any. Lastly, they have to identify which parts of the web development process they liked best and liked the least.

To give you an idea of the website themes, we have listed them up below together with the why’s and how’s of conceptualization for each. Challenges, and the most liked and least liked parts of the web development process were also included.

  1. Game of Thrones Fansite
    • conceptualization: As a fan, I want to help people be familiar with the TV Series even if they weren’t able to read the books.
    •  challenges: finding the right background to use, and positioning of tabs
    •  most liked: finding images needed and designing the layout
    •  least liked: positioning of tabs and creating margins
  2. Cakes and Pastries Website
    • conceptualization: After finding a good picture, that picture being that of a cake, I decided to work around the idea of cakes and pastries.
    •  challenges: finding the best font to use, CSS transition, and animation
    •  most liked: designing the website
    •  least liked: so many fonts to choose from
  3. Foo Fighters Fan Tribute Website
    • conceptualization: The Foo Fighters were my artist group of the month. Every month, I choose an artist to get to know and enjoy. For this project, I chose to learn about them while making a website tribute to them.
    •  challenges: tab highlights, inconsistencies of codes, learning unfamiliar codes while working on website
    •  most liked: opportunity to employ creativity and the chance for learning
    •  least liked: none
  4. MMORPG Website
    • conceptualization: I wondered how an old game which was unpopular for a long time suddenly became popular because of Pokemon Go. Then I had the idea that if games are to be promoted using a website/application, they can become popular again.
    •  challenges: resolution of computers in general, positioning of images, codes duplication
    •  most liked: freedom to do everything and anything you want and can think of
    •  least liked: having a lot of ideas in mind but being unable to make them happen due to limited knowledge in coding as of now
  5. Food Blog
    • conceptualization: I was hungry. Then I thought about creating a food blog website.
    •  challenges: positioning of images
    •  most liked: designing, color combination, font combination
    •  least liked: none

  6. Dog Enthusiasts Website
    • conceptualization: I am a dog-lover so I want to create a website about dogs, which will cater to dog enthusiasts.
    •  challenges: layout, coming up with an idea for the website, conceptualization
    •  most liked: whole website-making process
    •  least liked: when codes do not work

  7. Web Development News Website
    • conceptualization: Because I’m a bookworm and I love current events, I thought of making a website where you can read current events about web development in the Philippines since most web development news are about other countries.
    •  challenges: layering of CSS codes
    •  most liked: everything
    •  least liked: nothing

  8. Payroll Web Service
    • conceptualization: I am already working freelance with payroll in offline platforms. I thought of creating an online payroll service which will cater to businesses.
    •  challenges: responsiveness of my website
    •  most liked: drawing inspiration from other websites, adding features
    •  least liked: my website’s lack of responsiveness
  9. Personal Blog
    • conceptualization: I really want to create a personal blog which may be similar to Pinterest.
    •  challenges: how to keep the images within the containers
    •  most liked: whenever I figure out what to do with my coding problems
    •  least liked: conceptualization
  10. Book Enthusiasts Website
    • conceptualization: I actually thought of making an online shopping website but I decided against it because I know that there would be functionalities which I cannot make yet due to limited programming languages which I am allowed to use. I finally decided to create a website for book enthusiasts after seeing a picture of Book Stop last night.
    •  challenges: looking for a theme or concept
    •  most liked: exploring functionalities of codes
    •  least liked: coming up with a theme


And to determine the audience’s feel about the outputs, the instructor gave a rating sheet to all the students and tuitt staff present, for them to be able to rate the presentations. Below is the fun rating sheet:

(For the average of the ratings and instructor’s point of view, please click here.)

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