Third Day at Tuitt

Hi, again! Today is another day of outputs.

As expected, the first topic – HMTL –  was finished halfway through the second day. Our Instructor moved to the second topic, which is CSS, and finished it as well yesterday. They also had a quiz yesterday and guess what! Our students have more-than-average passing scores. We even have a perfect scorer!

So what’s for today? Our students started working on their own websites today using HTML and CSS, which they were able to cover within two days. They were given the next two days to finish their outputs. And as with the first day, they were given the chance for consultation with one of our instructors should they need tips to achieve their target outcome.

Meanwhile, one of our IT Consultants dropped by this morning and decided to check on the students’ works-in-progress as well. So far, their outputs are deemed satisfactory; the instructor agreed. According to our instructor, she found their work amazing for beginner programmers. Some students have a good eye for design (and they seem to be oblivious of it) while some seem to already have good logic and programming skills. And most of them have interesting and fun concepts.

Website themes varied from Game of Thrones trivia to blogging portals, from pastries and baking to the anime character Doraemon, from geeky stuff to pet websites, etc. This just shows how diverse our students’ interests are. We are even more excited to see their outputs on Friday. Let’s wait and see!