How do you keep your coding skills fresh?

Ever since you entered the world of coding, you have this instilled in your mind: “Fast-paced Tech World.” 

You would have to continuously feed your brain with the new thing in web development. It’s either you do self-study or you enrol at a coding bootcamp. It depends on your preference. 

So, how can you keep your coding skills fresh? Yes, you should keep studying, training, and practicing. To keep up, you have to embrace the importance of continuous learning. Let us share with you what you could do to keep your coding skills fresh!


Learning doesn’t stop after college or high school. Learning doesn’t stop after the coding bootcamp. You have to keep educating yourself. You have to keep practicing your skills. Practice is the key.

Can you honestly proclaim that you are an expert coder? Can you call yourself a coding veteran? It’s okay if you answered yes but as Denis Waitley said:

“Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience.” 

Isn’t it exciting to know that there is more to learn? You still have a lot of things to discover. To get better at what you do, you would have to invest in yourself. Make time for your career advancement and consider continuous learning as your priority.

Investing does not always mean money. You can invest in yourself with time. Making time for your own skills. Keep coding!

Practice, Create and Produce 

You have to remember that learning is not just about obtaining more information. It is not merely updating a database, which in this case, your brain. And obviously, it’s in applying what you have learned that makes learning useful. 

How can you make what you have learned useful? 

  • Practice what you know.
  • Create an idea. 
  • Produce outputs.

Learning requires you to get creative and to explore. Once you have learned a new thing about web development, apply that knowledge! 

Advance Your Career 

Career advancement is fulfilling. 

To advance in your career, you have to focus on your priorities and your goals in life. It is not just about money. It’s more about needing GROWTH.

Is it: “I want to acquire better coding skills because I want a higher salary?” NO. It is better if your mindset is: “I want to acquire better coding skills because I know I can get better at what I do.”

People deserve to grow. Actually, we don’t have to do anything to deserve growth because we actually should grow every single day. Think self-betterment.

Keep learning new stuff. 

It’s in committing to avoid learning stagnation that keeps your coding skills fresh.

As a web developer, to keep your coding skills fresh, you have to keep in mind that the more you practice, create ideas, and produce outputs, the more you grow and thrive.