I Give It A Ten | Batch 10 Day Class Capstone 1 Project

From Dinosaurs to Travel Blogs and everything in between

Tuitt Coding Bootcamp‘s 10th batch of Day Class Campers just finished presenting their first ever milestone as web developers.

The Capstone 1 project serves as the culmination project for the front-end web development skill set acquired by campers, using best practices and open source web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, responsive web design, and mobile-first approach to web development.

Core Requirements & Specifications

The following minimum core requirements and specifications of this capstone project should be met by the campers to be able to move on the next phase of the coding boot camp.

  • Project documentation
  • Sketch, wireframe, and/or mock-up designs of core pages
  • Mobile-first and responsive web design
  • At least five hyperlinked web pages
  • Modification to the project should be tracked by Git (version control system)
  • Deployed and hosted by GitHub

Capstone Projects

This is the list of the first capstone projects created by the campers of Batch 10 Day Class:


Thunder Lizards

Thunder Lizards, Created by Darwin Chu

thunderlizards.com is a paleontologist’s website designed to educate children about the history of dinosaurs and the history of life itself.

–  Darwin



Z-Wrap, Created by Nemesio “Thirdee” De Leon III

The website is about one of the new services by Ziebart International Corporation: Z-Wrap, a vinyl vehicle wrap service. It has 3 main categories, Ala Carte Wrap, Full Color Wrap, & Custom Wrap. The website is to showcase Z-Wrap, all the categories, color swatch options, and faqs. The site is for car enthusiasts that would like to give their rides a personal touch.

–  Thirdee


Cake Lady

Cake Lady, Created by Lady Anne Louise Barrun

Cake Lady is a sample website of a cake business. Pastry and cakes are one of the in-demand businesses here in the Philippines, because Filipinos loves celebrations.  With the help of our creative and artistic baker, people can now request custom cakes and design it the way they want. Business owners usually promote their works using social media accounts like Facebook and Instragram. But not everyone uses social media, and mostly people search through google. For all business owners, I want to help them build a professional website which people can search for online, and have potential customers contact them there as well. This is not only to broaden their market but also to have a more organized gallery to show professionalism.

–  Lady Anne


Nomad Astronomer

Nomad Astronomer, Created by Joemar Baclea-an

A nomad guide who will guide you to explore other worlds, this site will give you information about other planets, what the new planets are right now. This is also a blog where you can request content like what is the topic for the next week. It gives the audience a chance to hear what they want to know.

–  Joemar



Anteiku, Created by Farhan T. Solaiman

Owned by a Japanese entrepreneur who spent years perfecting his craft. All year round they bring you the best in-season beans from around the world and roast them right in Caswynn. They also sell coffee related merchandise.

–  Farhan


Sigma Consulting

Sigma Consuting, Created by Adrian Noble

Website for a starting solutions/consulting firm.

–  Adrian


4W Marketing

4W Marketing, Created by Arlandon M. Regero

The website I created serves as 4W Marketing’s online company profile. Not only does it provide their agency with an easily-accessible and shareable landing page, but also serves as a portfolio of their growing body of work. As an agency, their website can provide them an additional outlet to connect with possible clients and expand their reach on the internet, which in turn will help them grow their business.

–  Arlandon


Footwork Laboratory

Footwork Laboratory, Created by Carl Jacob Cruz

Footwork Laboratory is a Basketball training program exclusively for Filipino athletes. The goal is to aid the fitness of each participants in the community. We also provide various programs that elevates the skill and performance level of an athlete.

–  Carl Jacob


Juan Lakbay Ph

Juan Lakbay Ph, Created by Sheerland Benales

My website features the best places that I’ve already visited. It provides routes for your destination, information, and images of places.

–  Sheerland


SMBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary

SMBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary, Created by Bryan Noto

MBY Pet Rescue & Sanctuary is a non-profit organization focused on abandoned animals. They are based in Morong Rizal, and currently have 600 furpets being taken care of. The main purpose of this website is to create awareness that animal abuse and abandonment is happening and we need to make a change.

–  Bryan


Rio’s Hub

Rio’s Hub, Created by Dexter Rio Lacanaria

My website is all about Norse Mythology, its origins and contributions to modern religion. You can see in my website the different gods and goddesses of Norse mythology, along with the 9 realms.

–  Dexter Rio



Merjo, Created by Marc Bryan Portuguez

This website is all about promoting construction services such as house and building design, renovation, painting and other general construction services. The main goal of this website is to provide best construction services for our clients’ needs. It showcases the services that the company has accomplished since the business started. It also allows a user friendly environment for communication between the company and its clients.

–  Marc


Prime Classic Networks

Prime Classic Networks, Created by Jean-Louis Mendoza

Prime Classic Networks: Prime Classic Server for RAN Online. Prime Classic Networks site is an Information and Registration site for RAN players, providing brief server descriptions and providing the foundation of the server and its creator’s predecessor. The Website also provides a gallery preview of the game for website visitors and has Frequently Asked Questions about the game.

–  Jean-Louis


Life Traveller

Life Traveller, Created by Michelle Bernadas

Caters not only photo/travel artworks, but it also serves as a community where you can share your travel stories and be with people who share the same interests as you.

–  Michelle


Benj Resto

Benj Resto, Created by Benjamin Pena

A website for the newly established western restaurant owned by me. This website was made to promote products and the restaurant itself, and it also offers online delivery and reservations.

–  Benjamin


Karen Joan Warren Halili

Karen Joan Warren Halili, Created by Abigail Julia Warren Halili

This website is the portfolio of Ms. Karen Joan Warren Halili, a Professional Makeup Artist in the Philippines and the US. It’s a showcase of her skills and keen talent in makeup artistry. It gives information about her background. Plus, it serves as an online briefcase for international potential clients to see her workmanship.

–  Abigail



Kapihan, Created by Francis Ann Conde

Kapihan is a website promoting coffee farming in the Philippines. I believe our support can make a difference in the lives of our coffee farmers. It will be an avenue for a better life because coffee farming can be a business in many ways.

–  Ann


Z Trends

Z Trends, Created by Jose Marvin Ramoda

Z Trends Giveaways caters to the needs of clients for customized designs by putting their company logo, personal name, etc. This website will enable the customer to browse item catalogs, and design and buy customized items online. Currently, Z Trends Giveaways online is only dealing with its client through social media.

–  Jose Marvin


Final Fantasy World

Final Fantasy World, Created by Alberto Dela Cruz Jr.

This website is dedicated to all fans of the Final Fantasy games. Everyone who played Final Fantasy will surely have nostalgic feelings when they hear the background music of the Home page. This website also encourages people to play Final Fantasy games regardless of what series since all of them are awesome!

–  Alberto


Arts Workshop

Arts Workshop, Created by Jonalyn Dionio

The Arts Workshop Website is made to inspire people to get interested in art and learn new skills. It has four courses offered which are Drawing, Photography, Music and Handicrafts. The purpose of the courses is to train new artists.

–  Jonalyn



Click, Created by Jumel Tagnipez

Click Services Limited was accidentally established during the coding boot camp. It consists of 3 parts: the Photo-Album services, tutorials, and Travel Package services. Initial members were Jumel, Robert, and Angelo. They have interests in photography/ videography and travel, and they got the idea to publish an online photography and travel business.

–  Jumel



theBus, Created by Jeanne Anne Gokotano

This website is an introduction to a bus tracking app. It is a simple website that introduces the app and its main functions. Since it serves as a business website it is straight forward with 4 pages, which will be further improved.

–  Jeanne



WiFipedia, Created by Hazel Apuhin

My project name is WiFipedia, a membership site for PH travellers. WiFipedia was created to connect travel enthusiasts, or even people who don’t usually travel but are looking for good internet deals in the country. We travel all the time, to celebrate special occasions, to work, to experience culture, etc. Basically to connect to the world around us. PH is a beautiful country with beautiful people. Because of being an archipelago, maybe that’s one of the main reasons why our internet speed is slow in some areas of the country and our internet rates are relatively expensive compared to our neighbors. We use internet in almost all transactions we do, like bank transfers, online booking, making online payments, communication, or even hailing cabs. Info stack in this website is shared to the community so that we can plan ahead and stay connected while enjoying our PH vacay. And hopefully this can also help make the ISP’s aware of their service and to improve it. Are you using the net? Sign up now. lol

–  Hazel



SharePad, Created by Yam Tumpalan

SharePad aims to create solutions to the long-standing battle of apartment hunting. The main feature of SharePad is filtering its listings by the common interests of its users. This would really benefit the individuals looking to share a space with complete strangers. Users can also downsize their searches via nearest proximity from their work location. This can cut their search time in half.

–  Yam



Gojira, Created by Roy Fredeluces

Gojira R34 is an online community of owners, fans, and even enthusiasts that aim to be the world’s number 1 network for Nissan Skyline GTR-34 owners, enthusiasts, and fans – providing a community that helps each other out, a family so to speak, and to spread the greatness that is “Godzilla”. It is a dynamic site that will contribute to the awareness, and will feature cars that are submitted by users and it will offer test drives to fellow members of the community in different parts of the world. Gojira R34 will partner with other Nissan Skyline Communities and will be key in organizing car meets, car shows, and share technical knowledge of the entire Nissan GTR lineage.

–  Roy



learnchess.com, Created by Jerome Christian M. Lumacad

This is a basic chess tutorial website. It helps anyone with zero knowledge of chess to get started playing it. The target audience is those between 10 and 25 years old.

–  Jerome


Jaise Design

Jaise Design, Created by Jechris C. Ramos

Jaise Design & Develop is a Web Developing Company that is ready to help anyone to create their website for their business. I managed to create sample works of J.D to attract customers.

–  Jechris



WE SHOP, Created by Rubenjamin Aguro

WE SHOP is a website that tackles online shops in the philippines. It gives details regarding different online shops such as Lazada, Honestbee, Medgrocer, and Zalora. It also feature deals of the day and vouchers of the day.

–  Rubenjamin


ClickEat Cafe

ClickEat Cafe, Created by Joseph Reuben L. Bautista

ClickEat Cafe is a coffee shop in Pangasinan. It sells different types of coffee-based drinks but that isn’t the limit of their crafts. They also sell tea-based drinks, rice meals, pastries, pasta, pica-pica, that can be shared with your friends, family, and significant other. With its affordable price, it is not a surprise that they already have 3 branches across the province of Pangasinan.

–  Joseph


Adventures on Budget

Adventures on Budget, Created byJed Mangulabnan

Adventures on Budget is an adventure travel blog filled with memorable experiences, entertaining stories, captivating sceneries and images, travel hacks and tips and affordable itineraries. This will definitely give you a glimpse or a heads-up for you to maximize your travel experience around the world.. because in the end memories matter most.

–  Jed



The first capstone project is the perfect way for campers to get an idea on how it feels like to become web developers. After three weeks of intensive training, they were tasked to create their own responsive websites. The 10th batch of campers just set the bar a notch higher for the incoming campers. Congratulations, B10DC!