Step right up and be amazed! – Day Class Batch 9 Capstone Project 2

The TUITT Coding Bootcamp Day Class Batch 9 is proud to present their Capstone Project 2. The task is a challenging one for sure, but these students know that surmounting the challenge will improve their skills by leaps and bounds.

Requirements and Specifications:

For the Capstone Project, the students were required to create these items to aid their capstone making.

  • An ideation of their e-commerce site (what products/services they will be selling)
  • An Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) (how the database tables would be structured)

Website Features
The project must have the following features:

  • User registration and authentication
  • Landing page
  • Catalog page of items with sorting
  • Admin control panel
  • Database access for Items, Users, and Cart
  • Cart and Checkout
  • Order and Transaction History

The grading will focus more on the back end and less on the front end with the breakdown as follows:

UI/UX – 20%
Functionality – 40%
Code organization – 30%
Database organization – 10%

Here are the Capstone Projects:


Neumatico, means Tire in Spanish. It’s a tire retailer website. Instead of waiting for a reply in your email for the quotation request, you will be able to see the prices for each brand that you would like to know. This is for a faster and reliable transaction for the company and customers. – Cha


An online shop selling artworks. When you buy something from our site; you dont just buy a product, you also help an artist. Contain artworks from both newbies and professionals alike. – Justin

Angeli Glass

Angeli Glass Products Specialties (APS) is a 100% Filipino owned company pioneering in the field of glass works industry in the Philippines. Driven by passion and cultivated by quality, customer service satisfaction and on-time delivery, APS has founded its stead in both local and foreign markets. – Judy


HIMAS in an online shop that sells premium Himalayan Salt all over the world at an affordable price with a secure transaction platform. – Vince

Loritess Shoes

Loritess Shoes (Shoe Factory Marikina by Loritess) manufactures Filipino handmade shoes. The site provides a large variety of items and you can search and filter the products. – Paolo

MEAVARR sew haus

MEAVARR sew haus is an online shop for any kind of sewing products like clothes, formal or casual, even curtains, sofa covers, etc. Anything that has cloth can be sewed to be a great product that can hit the online market. MEAVARR’s acronym is derived from the owner’s family names starting from the eldest to youngest; this means sewing is our passion and we can make new designs for every generation. – Mac


Weggies provides a fast and easy food delivery service that caters to each and every customer. We guarantee on-time delivery without compromising the quality of your food. FREE of charge if not delivered on-time. – Ludwig


Ollieverse provides a wide variety of choices for skate shoes. We can guarantee you that we only sell original products. – Bim

Rare Auction

An online shop for collectors of rare and valuable items. Items that are hard to find can be found here and users can bid for the item.. Every bid is confidential to ensure a high chance of winning the bid item. – Marc

Roy Silog

Order your favorite silog meals for free and fast delivery 24/7! – Roy

Tara Kape!

Fast and easy coffee delivery for anyone who loves coffee and wants to bring themselves happiness every morning. – Brian

Duma Shoes

An online store for growing shoe brands that sell authentic quality leather shoes and are looking to increase their sales. It provides an easy shopping experience through an elegant and intuitive website. – Duma

Sole Stop PH

Sole Stop PH is a convenient and user-friendly online shop where you can buy basketball shoes and apparels without needing to go to the physical store. – Aldrin

Oggay Ink

Oggay Ink offers temporary tattoos which revolutionize the tribal designs of Whang Od Oggay(the last Kalinga tattooist). Our mission is to provide customers easy, safe, and affordable tattoos. – Tags


A budding children’s book writer and illustrator’s website, with a built-in shop selling her merchandise. – Vonn

The Shoebox

The Shoebox offers a wide variety of sneakers in the Philippines. A “One stop sneaker shop” that would definitely satisfy the needs of all of the sneakerheads out there. – Ron


Sunspecs is the leading online eyeglasses shop that offer different styles fit for everyone. We provide stylish, durable, comfortable and affordable eyeglasses for everyone. – Jenica

Chains and Pedals

Chains and Pedals was established to provide quality bikes and parts that will best suit your needs. We aim to provide good quality service, especially after-sales service. – Jeru

Baby Needs Love

BNL (Baby Needs Love) is an online children’s retail store with a wide variety of baby products ranging from apparel to shoes and other baby needs. We focus on products for children aged 0 to 7 years old. We also sell products for moms. – Jel

Priroda Nature

Priroda Nature tours offers different kinds of tours for people who are into nature. People from all walks of life can feel at home with a nature vibe with the use of earth colors. – Jel

Blue Veranda

This stunning resort on the island of Boracay combines the scenic qualities and escapist nature facing the Mindanao Sea with the high standards and myriad facilities synonymous with Filipino hospitality. This excellently located resort, run by a Dutch-Filipino couple opened its doors to the public in 2003. With its friendly cottages just off the beach, you’ll have the opportunity to relax here. – Nikki

I do knot

I DO, literally can-KNOT is where soon-to-be brides and grooms can get all their wedding needs. We hope to help them lessen the hassle of the wedding preparations by providing high quality products and services to the soon-to-be newlyweds. – Ligaya