Nocturnal Effort To Achievement: Batch Five (5) Night Class Capstone Project 1

Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash


The fifth iteration of the Night Class from the Caswynn Training Center is now done codecrafting their first capstone projects.

The night class is usually the tougher schedule compared to the day class due, because of time constraints, but these campers are determined to go through the whole process.

Requirements and Specifications

The first capstone projects were created by the campers according to the following requirements and specifications: at least four (4) hyperlinked pages, main navigation bar, main footer, mobile-first design, responsive web design, good UI/UX design, project documentation, layout sketches and wireframes, version controlled, and deployed to the web.

Capstone Projects

The following are the capstone projects created by the Batch Five (5) Night Class:

Pera Bilis

Pera Bilis, Created by Clint
Pera Bilis, Created by Clint

An online money-lending website for working-class Filipinos with flexible terms and competitive rates.


Neopolitan Britanny

Neopolitan Britanny, Created by Gladys
Neopolitan Britanny, Created by Gladys

A static website for Neopolitan Britanny Events Place, which includes simple viewing of facilities and can also allow possible clients to make reservations. The purpose of the website is to show the services, facilities/amenities that are suitable for hosting events such as weddings, debut, company celebrations, seminars, and other big events. The website includes basic pages such as facilities, a gallery, packages, and contact details.


Palate Studio

Palate Studio, Created by Seph
Palate Studio, Created by Seph

Two people who love food shared their passion by means of photography. Simple flat and minimalist website showcasing the actual photos taken by them. Taking it to the next level as a startup business is a work in progress. Want to satisfy your cravings for food photography? Let PALATE STUDIO help you!


Lakbay Chinoy

Lakbay Chinoy, Created by Ivan
Lakbay Chinoy, Created by Ivan

A travel blog created for everyone who loves discovering new places and trying new things. A guide for expenses, hotel and AirBnB reservations, and cost.


Top Corner

Top Corner, Created by Jason
Top Corner, Created by Jason

Top Corner is an online news platform for the latest updates on both local football and international football. It also serves as a service to the local football community where information is consolidated and can be used by any football enthusiast; some examples would be details on available football fields to play on, upcoming competitive/non-competitive tournaments, football classes, public viewing of big games, scheduled events, and etc.



Sudoers, Created by Ayie
Sudoers, Created by Ayie

An IT company website that express the content of most common websites that offers the same service. The company services most of what an organization needs in an IT infrastructure.



GetHired, Created by Mary
GetHired, Created by Mary

Intuitive and Responsive Job Hiring Site to help young and new professionals as well as my fellow recruiters. My site is a job hiring and career site that is similar to Jobstreet/Kalibrr and Trabaho Tayo. I want to use my newly learned skills to help my fellow recruiters.



Preschool, Created by Risty
Preschool, Created by Risty

I decided to create this project as a gift to a friend who is the most hard-working and compassionate owner of this school. This project aims to show the school’s curriculum, its mission to be able to reach its vision of building the best foundation and molding best values.


ATV Paradise Resort

ATV Paradise Resort, Created by BJ
ATV Paradise Resort, Created by BJ

My project is for a private pool resort owned by my late uncle. I decided to create a website for the resort to help promote it.


Dream Life

Dream Life, Created by EM
Dream Life, Created by EM

Dream Life is a Real Estate Website that aims to showcase property details for potential buyers. My inspiration for doing this kind of site is the sister company of where I am currently employed.


I “Heart” Pangasinan

I "Heart" Pangasinan, Created by Jarome
I “Heart” Pangasinan, Created by Jarome

The I “Heart” Pangasinan promotes the beauty of Pangasinan. It gives you information about the famous beaches and tourist spots that you and your loved ones can enjoy.



This set of campers showed the time investment and focus required to be able to create those projects.

The real set of challenges begins with the introduction to the backend web development phase of the bootcamp and this bunch of campers are obviously ready for it.

Good job guys!