KEEP CODING: Learning is Continuous

OK! You know how to code, what now? 

For some, when they finally acquired the skills that they need, they stop pursuing more. They feel satisfied with what they currently know and that’s boring. 

In fact, they are depriving themselves of better opportunities.

Picture this: 

Your past self decided that you want to learn how to code.
Instead of braving the self-study path, you chose to join a coding bootcamp. Joining the bootcamp was one of the best decisions you have ever made. You learn among people who are interested to learn coding like you. 
Seeing yourself grow and progress, you never thought that you will be able to understand the world of coding but you did!
Time went by, you were able to complete the training. You can finally call yourself a web developer.
After the bootcamp, you got the dream job.

Now what? The end?

Most people who are products of a coding bootcamp know certainly that their learning journey doesn’t stop once they have completed their training. Learning new languages continuously is necessary.


Learning is the knowledge we acquire. Stagnation means there’s a lack of activity, growth, or development.

Learning Stagnation happens when we choose to settle with what we currently know and not aim for more. It’s basically the opposite of continuous learning.

To go through learning stagnation is tough. You’re stuck with the same old knowledge and you don’t upgrade. Like computers, we need to upgrade to cope up in this world by equipping ourselves with new skills every now and then.


Choosing to learn continuously is the best gift you could give to yourself. 

When you ask yourself: “What should I learn now?” Think of your next learning pursuit as your next big thing.

Try to go back to the day when you landed your first ever job as a web developer. What were your struggles?

Help yourself by choosing to overcome those struggles by learning the knowledge you think you lack. Once you overcome those struggles, make it a habit to continuously discern what you don’t know and make time to learn it. 

Abigail Adams said it best: 

“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”

To become a  better coder, you have to continuously crave for learning new languages and trends. It is not by chance that your coding skills will be improved but by continuously practicing and learning. 

Learning does not only occur when we read books, or when we go to training. It also happens when we start a conversation with someone, when we google words that are not familiar to us, or when we watch a Youtube video.

We can always learn something new in a matter of time. But if we do not apply it, it becomes nonsensical. 

Never get comfortable with the knowledge you currently have because we all know that the world continually upgrades and we should too.