On to further adventures, and until next time – Batch Day 7 Class Graduation

Last 4th of May 2018, TUITT Batch Day 7 celebrated their hard-earned graduation. The batch, being first day batch in the new GEMPC laboratory, held their graduation in the classroom they once studiously honed their skills as full-stack developers in.

Batch Day 7 Class waiting for the ceremony to start

The graduation ceremony was overall a light-spirited one, and everyone was in high-spirits as everyone in the batch graduated and all the challenges they faced were finally over.

During the ceremony, speakers shared their stories to our graduates. Ronnel C., an alumni of TUITT, shared his experiences as a camper, and what he faced after graduated. Jan C., from freeCodeCamp and JoinPiggy, shared tips and the proper attitude towards work as a JavaScript developer.

The 3 months of sacrifices, hard work, and sleepless nights paid off and all 32 campers have emerged triumphant. Throughout the bootcamp, they made friends with each other, and struggled together towards each of their goals.  There were some who took the initiative and led the class, and there were some who made sure that no one got left behind. What they learned there is not only the technical skills TUITT has taught them, but compassion and a hunger for learning.

For their instructor, those 3 months came and went like the turning of pages of a book. The chapter has ended, but the story is never over. In the words of Bilbo Baggins, “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like”. For him, it has been a great pleasure teaching every one of them.

Day 7 happy and triumphant