Manufacturers hiring Software Engineers in the Philippines:  M.A Technology, Inc. and Zuitt Coding Bootcamp

Manufacturer companies in the Philippines are searching for Software Engineers for their automation and digital transformation goals. Zuitt Coding Bootcamp provides a support service through a recruitment and training partnership to manufacturer companies like M.A. Technology, Inc. 

M.A. Technology, Inc. is a Japanese company founded in March 1995 and primarily assembles electronic components and PCB Assembly. Its parent company, Hitachi, Ltd., is located in Nagoya, Japan, while its other subsidiaries are located in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Malaysia. 

In this article, Zuitt Coding Bootcamp interviewed M.A. Technology, Inc.’s Filipino representatives – Ms. Olive Sibug and Ms. Marilyn Joy Reyes, to talk about how Zuitt helped their company acquire and train talents for their company. 

(Inputs by M.A Technology, Inc representatives – Ms. Olive Sibug and Ms. Marilyn Reyes)

(Interviewed by Adrianne Saldua; Written by Dana Diaz)

How M.A Technology Inc. was in need of Software Engineers 

—— What was M.A Tech’s goal for partnering with Zuitt?

Initially, we were only looking for assistance with developer recruitment but when Zuitt introduced their service on recruitment with training, we felt fortunate and stepped right into it. Through Zuitt’s Bootcamp training, this partnership also tapped our need to improve our workforce.

Our goal was to source enough manpower for our current automation project within the company. We target to develop programs or systems such as inventory management systems, production systems for warehousing, purchasing systems, etc. The recruited junior developers from Zuitt’s efforts will help us with this big automation project. And if these projects became successful within M.A Tech, our president, is looking forward to marketing these systems to our partners and affiliates as well.

—— How was Zuitt able to help you with your recruitment and training needs?

Our struggle before Zuitt was that we had difficulty looking for Junior Developer applicants. As a result, our Japanse president sought other companies to help us with this issue. Fortunately, Zuitt came into the picture and led the plan for our recruitment and training initiatives. 

—— Why was Zuitt the Bootcamp of your choice for this partnership?

Frankly speaking, we only learned about Zuitt when our Japanese president introduced it to us. I think the partnership between Zuitt Coding Bootcamp and M.A Tech was mainly because of the connection between Zuitt’s Japanese CEO and our Japanese President. It’s probably because of their trust in each other as fellow Japanese company owners that led to them deciding to work together. 

—— About the recruited trainees from Zuitt, how are they as part of M.A Tech team?

They are currently working on site together with our admin team, that’s why we can monitor them day by day. 

They are all competitive. With regards to their level of professionalism and how they handle their work, they are all mature enough and could blend well with the staff. Having good soft skills paired with technical skills was something that Zuitt was able to inculcate in them in their Bootcamp training. 

The project that we assigned for Zuitt recruited trainees just started. So far, performance-wise, they were able to deliver quality work. As of this time, based on the project timeline given to them, they are able to meet all the deadlines for each tasks for the said project.

How the partnership works

—— When Zuitt was able to step in, what parts of the process were helpful for your team?

What we most appreciate about the Zuitt team’s efforts is their communication with us regularly. They conduct weekly meetings with us to share the status of the recruitment. This includes their summary report about the applicants and ongoing monitoring of the partnered project. We did not have a hard time in the recruitment and hiring process. Zuitt also allowed us to screen the applicants based on what we needed. We were able to choose from a large pool of applicants that they got from their listings.

—— How is Zuitt’s project handling for the collaboration?

Zuitt was able to help us in the least amount of time. During touch base meetings, the Zuitt team presents weekly reports based on the project milestones. The point person for this project was very hands-on, which helped us. From choosing the applicants to the endorsements, the transactions were smooth.

—— Any future projects for M.A Tech?

Our company goal is for M.A. Tech’s operations to be automated. We are planning to get more developers to help us with that goal which would lead to the growth and expansion of our company.

Currently, we aim to acquire more manpower. With Zuitt’s help, not only were we able to successfully increase our company’s staffing but also, we were able to source candidate-company-fit individuals to join our team. Zuitt can definitely help us with recruitment and training in the future. They are the ones who will support us in getting the best developers that we will need for our future projects.

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