The Sixth Element: Batch 6 Day Class Graduation

The sixth iteration of the Tuitt Coding Bootcamp Day Class are now done with their 12 weeks of non-stop daily acquisition of the skill set and mindset needed by a junior web developer.

The commencement program was officially opened with opening remarks from Sir Alan (Academic Administrator).

The first guest speaker was “DJ” P., a top performer of the Batch 5 Day Class, currently working as a Front End Developer. He shared his experiences before, during, and after the bootcamp to the graduating campers.

The invited professional guest speaker, Roy DC., gave the campers some insights about the IT industry — specifically about software and web development.

The top performer of this batch, Romeo C., received a simple token of remembrance to commemorate his time and efforts during the bootcamp.

The second top performer of this batch, Kevin B. received a certificate for his hard work and perseverance during the bootcamp.

The two campers tied for the third top performers of the batch, John P. and Mark M. received their respective certificates.

One of the pioneers and best instructors of the coding bootcamp, Sir Peejay (IT Instructor), gave the campers his last pieces of advice.

On behalf of the Tuitt family, we wish you all good luck on your newly chosen career path.

Thank you for the trust you have given us, we really appreciate it.

Good job guys!