Presentation on Forum Websites

Last August 18, after 2 weeks of working on their forum websites, the students were finally able to present their outputs. Their task involved coming up with a theme for their forum sites and implementing CRUD operations which they learned about in the previous weeks.

Here, we’ll be showing you a peek of their work and sharing with you what the instructor had to say. As Tuitt staff and members of the audience during presentation, we were truly impressed!


Student 1 – Valar Morghulis Forum

  • Meticulous in functionalities
  • Relatively clean / easy to understand coding style

Student 2 – Pet Forum

  • Unique: posts created today are displayed on the left side of the page
  • The layout is very neat and pleasing

Student 3 – Warportal Forum

  • Big improvement on the layout/design/css part
  • Nice use of breadcrumbs without using the server get method
  • Unfortunately, when admin deletes a reply, all replies by that user is deleted
  • He has a different coding approach compared to his classmates, using only a few php files, and compacting all functionalities in a single file. This can be problematic as the website grows, however, seeing that he can manage and debug this kind of file shows his deep understanding of the coding language

Student 4 – Home Redesign Forum

  • Users can use/post images on the comment section
  • Clean layout

Student 5  – StuckOverthrow Forum

  • Good use of modals for log-in and registration page
  • Admin cannot delete posts 🙁

Student 6 – “Random” Forum


  • User has to click a link above the topic before the reply box would be shown — it would be a better user experience if the reply box is immediately shown at the bottom of the topic discussion
  • The coding format is relatively cleaner than others’. SQL queries are classified into different functions on a separate file

Student 7 – Electric Car Motor Club Forum

  • Basic SQL requirements are met
  • A lot can be improved on the readability of the page and the overall design
  • The reply box is shown even when the user is logged out, it’s good that it does not allow replies to be posted

Student 8 – Magic The Gathering Forum

  • The replies are paginated
  • Forum has a working profile page
  • Pictures can be uploaded
  • There’s a working inbox / private messaging system, with unread message/s notification
  • Thread/topics can be manually sorted top to bottom
  • “Remember me” checkbox is working
  •  Admin can edit other people’s posts — this should be changed.

Student 9 – Lost Ark Forum

  • The replies are paginated
  • Nice use of online-users count using database timestamps
  • Quote reply was unique among the class
  • Reputation upvote was also unique, but there was no downvote
  • Too bad update profile picture / cover photo didn’t work during the presentation, but I’ve seen it work prior and it was amazing