Quatro Hindi Patatalo | Batch 4 Night Class Graduation

After 6 challenging months, the 4th Batch of Night Class students finally finished their training to become full stack web developers!

To honor their achievements, their commencement program was held in the GEMPC classroom last August 6.

The batch sitting in their classroom for the last time for their graduation ceremony.

Sir Charles Quimpo, their instructor, gave the opening remarks. He congratulated the graduates and wished them luck in the future, while asking them to always value the camaraderie they’d formed with their classmates, and to always remember the reasons why they signed up to the bootcamp in the first place.

Sir Charles gives his final lessons to Batch 4 Night Class.

Sir Billy Arante then came up to talk about his experiences as a Comp Sci grad, a college instructor, a call center agent, a Tuitt bootcamp graduate, and now a Tuitt instructor. He reminded the students to always keep learning, and to always follow their hearts.

Sir Billy delivers his inspiring life story.

Then came the event that everyone had been waiting for: the Awarding of Graduation Certificates.

Guest speaker Mr. Jimson S., Lead System Analyst from Globe Telecom, then delivered his “Hacking into the PH Tech Industry Mainframe” talk. With data, resources, humor, and enthusiasm, he told the graduates what to expect once they stepped out of Tuitt’s doors. He assured them that they had bright futures ahead of them, but that was only if they stayed curious and never stopped learning.

Guest Speaker Jimson S. explains the Tech industry.

Special awards then followed for the top performers of the batch.

And with the ceremonies done, the program concluded, and the feast began.

Congratulations once again graduates, and goodluck!

The 4th Night Class Batch