Headed for Cloud Nine | Batch 9 Day Class Graduation

A new batch of developers are set to join the IT industry, as Tuitt’s 9th Batch of Day Class students officially finished their training!

Their graduation ceremony was held last August 22 at the GEMPC classroom, where they spent the last 3 months learning full stack web development.

Batch 9 Day Class Graduation

Instructor Sir Charles Quimpo took the stage for the opening remarks. “Congratulate yourselves,” he said. “Once you step out of this room, remember to make the world better. Engage & inspire.”

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The alumni guest speaker, Ruby M., then stepped up to the mic to talk about her experiences before and after joining Tuitt.

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She began her career as a Therapeutic Dietician. It was an extremely stressful job, where she had to work at a hospital and commute for a total of 6 hours everyday to and from work. She went through all that for 4 years, and she would have kept on doing it if she hadn’t decided she needed a change.

Ruby applied to Tuitt because she liked the lifestyle people in the IT industry had. She got accepted into Tuitt’s web development program, graduated, and has been working as a Web Developer ever since. Her current company, Hackazouk, is an HR tech startup. With the company’s free atmosphere and open bar, she now loves going to work everyday. She encouraged the graduates to apply and join the company as well.

Once Ruby finished telling her story, the program moved on to celebrating the students’ successful training.

The Graduates of the Batch 9 Day Class are 19 in total.

Joe P., our industry guest speaker, was next to take the floor. He has been working as a developer for 10 years, and is currently the head of the Lavarel Philippines Meetup group.

He laid out the following steps for the graduates to find success in the IT industry:

  • Build your skills
  • Find a mentor & be a mentor
  • Be professional & punctual
  • Find your passion
  • Don’t overwork
  • Grow your network

Then followed the most exciting part of the event: the Special Awards.

Certificates were first given to the Top 3 performers of the batch. The Top 3 was Charlene G. She hadn’t expected to get a top performer award at all, she said. “Alam ko namang magagaling at hardwoking mga batch mates ko,” she went on. “Proud ako na galing akong Batch 9.”

The Top 2 was Marc R. “Nasa appeal lang ‘yan,” he joked upon accepting his award. More seriously, he said, “Nagulat din ako, bakit nga ba ako. Payo ko lang, kapag gumagawa ng project, dapat binubuhos mo yung buong puso mo, para ang outcome unexpected.”

The Top 1 performer of the Batch 9 Day class was Ludwig E. He couldn’t help but be emotional while accepting his award. “Malaking bagay ‘to para sakin,” he said. He was the only one in his batch who hadn’t been able to complete his undergraduate studies, but he still managed to graduate as the top performer from his class. “Salamat at na-appreciate niyo efforts ko,” he said.

Then followed the Student Voted special awards.

Joy M. won the Friendly Neighbor Award. “Baka kasi dinadalaw ko every row to learn more,” she said.

Marc C. won the Student Best Able To Teach Others Award. “Kung ano man matutunan, share na lang natin,” he advised his classmates. “Siguro kasi IT na ako, so mas madali sakin matuto saka magturo.”

Charlene G. won the Outstandingly Organized Award. She guessed she got it because, “Yung ugali ko kapag nagtatrabaho, naka-focus talaga. Di na makausap sa pagka-OCD.”

Ludwig E. won the Confident Kid Award and the Enthusiactic Learner Award. “Gusto ko lang masaya lagi ang ambience.”

Arjel V. won the Most Likely To Establish Own Start-Up Award. Upon accepting his award, he looked at the crowd, and said, “Baka isa sa inyo, kontakin ko.”

We would once again like to congratulate Judy P. for winning the Kindness Counts Award and Most Likely To Be Famous Someday Award.

Instructor Sir Terence then stepped up to give the class his last words of advice. “Sobrang dami niyong pinagdaanan,” he said. “Puyat, gutom, struggles sa buhay. But it’s all part of the learning experience.”

“Always remember the life lessons you learned here. Tuitt helped you jumpstart, but it’s up to you to keep up.”

He congratulated the graduates on changing their lives, and told them to now think about changing the lives of others. “Mahirap maghanap ng trabaho sa Pilipinas,” he reminded them. “So why not make that change?”

And with that, ceremony concluded, and it was finally time to eat!

Congratulations once again to the graduates of the 9th Batch of Day Classes! We hope you’ll remember what one of our guidance officers, Rigel, said at the end of the ceremony. “Dream high, but don’t forget to dream deep. It’s time for you to soar, but never forget to grow your roots too.” Goodluck to you guys!