Summary of Students’ Responses

Here is a summary of our students’ responses and we were truly entertained with some of them.

Why are you here?

  • to challenge myself, keep learning and adapting
  • to understand and use different computing languages, and make something worthwhile
  • to learn more than what I learned from college and from my internship
  • to improve my programming skills
  • to build a career and have career growth


Your expectations for this bootcamp would be…

  • to experience a fun and joyful environment which is also conducive for learning
  • to find the manner of teaching appropriate for beginners for us to be able to easily ace the exams as well as easily complete activities
  • to be able to learn while enjoying a healthy and challenging competition
  • to work hard and experience working as a team
  • to gain a high level of confidence with my knowledge and skills
  • to be able to  apply what I learned by creating a useful output for other people or by creating my very own website
  • to get to know other programmers and understand what it is that makes them passionate about their work
  • to get a fulfilling IT job


Everybody has their own definition of success. How about you? Success for you is…

  • having a job in the IT industry
  • using my talent to help others
  • helping the company meet its standards by giving the ideal service in the IT industry


Let’s work together to achieve our common goal. What can you do to contribute to the success of this training?

  • It’s a no-brainer. I will come on time. I will not sleep during class time. And I will do my homework.
  • I will ask questions when I feel like the concept’s still vague.
  • I will always do my best to produce a good output.
  • I will share my knowledge [as an IT graduate to my classmates] and participate in class.
  • I will be a proud product of tuitt.
  • I will give back [to tuitt] in the future.
  • I will get back here as an IT Instructor.

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