July 2016 Boot Camp Launch

July 11, 2016 marks the launching of the first official IT Coding Boot camp of Tuitt!

After more than two (2) months of the grueling process of drafting: sourcing applicants, screening, interviews and background-check, we’ve finally completed our targeted ten (10) budding coding enthusiasts as students.

Coming from different backgrounds and walks of life, they have one commonality: passion for coding! Here are some details of our student’s profiles for this batch of boot campers.

(1) Gender


(2) Residency

Based on the self-assessment of the students submitted prior to the boot camp, they categorized themselves generally as “No Knowledge” or “Beginners” in terms of Programming Languages proficiency.

After their performance on the first day of our intensive 2-month training, we can say that we are more than satisfied and we have high hopes with this bunch. Hopefully at the end of this training, they could, with confidence, rate themselves as “Advanced” for at least certain particular programming languages.