The [Dark] Night Rises: Batch 3 Night Class Capstone Project 2

The third iteration of the Tuitt Coding Boot Camp night class are now done with their capstone project two (2).

This capstone project is an e-commerce web application created using the open-source web development technologies such as HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), vanilla JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP (Composer), Git, and MySQL.

Requirements and Specifications

This e-commerce web application is fully-functional, able to handle real-world online transactions and should meet the following requirements and specifications: a product documentation, a database design, a catalog of all the items, user authentication/authorization, CRUD functionality for the admin/user(s) and products, cart of items, order verification/confirmation, version controlled. Lastly, it should be completely developed within the plotted timeline of the boot camp and deployed to the web.

Capstone Projects

Here is the roster of capstone two (2) projects created by the campers from Batch Three (3) Night Class:

Book Repository
Book Repository, Created by Rellie

Book Repository is an online bookstore. The project was made using HTML, Bootstrap, Javascript, AJAX, PHP, and MariaDB. I chose Amazon and Book Depository as my model for building this website.



Cithra, Created by Kat

Cithra is an fictional online guitar shop. Sold on the website are guitars, amplifiers, straps, and accessories. Languages used are HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and MariaDB.



Unicorn Dream Inc
Unicorn Dream Inc, Created by Mars

Unicorn Dream Inc is an e-commerce website for Unicorn Dream Inc business based in Los Banos Laguna. Its main premise is affordable cosmetics and it has a large base of clients all over the country with over 170K likes on facebook. The business uses courier companies to remit payment and send shipments.”



Senorita Chartii
Senorita Chartii, Created by Emman

This website is a fully responsive E-Commerce site for Seniorita Chartii, an existing business with over 63k likes on their facebook page. They manufacture and sell women’s apparel, wholesale and retail. The project was built using HTML, Custom CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Frameworks such as Bootstrap, AJAX, and JQuery are also used. MariaDB is the database for this project using SQL queries.”



Grainsmart, Created by Jeremy

Grainsmart Cainta (LGV Enterprise) is the first franchise of Grainsmart to have an online grocery store. This web app provides convenience, a hassle-free grocery with free delivery (to certain weighs), to the netizens of Cainta and nearby places.”



Pop!StopShop, Created by Adrian

Pop!StopShop is an online reseller shop for anything Funko Pop!. Funko is most known for manufacturing licensed vinyl figures and bobbleheads of pop culture collectibles. This project is a real-world implementation of an E-commerce website – lovingly built using HTML, CSS, Javascript with a lot of PHP, jquery, MariaDB and some Bulma magic.”



Honeyken, Created by Red

Experience shopping of your favorite make-up products online! Honeyken is an online make-up store showcasing brands such as elf and Colourpop.



Chula, Created by Betty

The official website of Chula Organics, a local brand of organic skincare products, this web app lets you buy and window shop from Chula’s growing catalog. Built using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, PHP and MariaDB, this fully responsive site provides ease for both customers and the Chula team in navigating and maintaining the site. While everyone can buy Chula products using the guest checkout feature, members are in for a better shopping experience through added features like wishlist, profile and order tracking.”



Scent of Ada
Scent of Ada, Created by Chellie

Originally, I came up with a title of SCENT OF ADALINE which came from the movie – “The age of Adaline”. The main plot of the story is that she never gets old, same thing with SCENTS, it never gets out of fashion. As a lady programer, I renamed it to [ SCENT OF ADA ] based from Ada Lovelace 1815-1852, she is one of the world’s top famous female programmers. [ SCENT OF ADA ] is a perfume ecommerce website that caters different scents of the era. With the innovation of typical shopping from the market to online shopping, shoppers can now shop online, browse from the web to save their time and effort of jumping from one store to another. Target of the market obviously are the individuals attached from perfumes or fragrance. From affordable to top selling perfumes.”



Papa Chef’s
Papa Chef’s, Created by Mike

A food home-delivery e-commerce website, targeting bulk & COD food-deliveries of “Pinoy”-style food as main course. Built-from-scratch using PHP+HTML, SCSS, vanilla JavaScript, MariaDB, and greensock.js.”


— Mike

Mealfindr, Created by Jean

MealFindr is a mock meal e-commerce website for people with distinct food preferences (specifically allergies). Customers with great passion for cooking can also sell their home cooked meals to others. MealFindr is built using  MariaDB, HTML, PHP, CSS, JS, Bootstrap and jQuery.”


— Jean

Tatak, Created by Des
Tatak, Created by Des

TATAK! tagalog word for brand or print, it means “to have some print on my shirt!”, also funny and unique way to easily remember the brand of our tee-shirt. sell all types of printed shirts including hugot lines and other designs that has a unique style.



Formula Juan
Formula Juan, Created by Anne
Formula Juan, Created by Anne

Formula Juan is a mock online store of nutritional products clinically-formulated by health science companies for adults of all ages and conditions. Its mission is to increase their accessibility locally. This website was put together using MariaDB, HTML, PHP, custom CSS and JS, Bootstrap and jQuery.



Kaligrapi, Created by Dan
Kaligrapi, Created by Dan

Kaligrapi is a modern calligraphy and design site located in Manila, Philippines. I am a letter enthusiasts that provides custom handwritten services, hand made digital designs and calligraphy products.


— Dan

Sadiry’s Baked Treats
Sadiry's Baked Treats, Created by Arjay
Sadiry’s Baked Treats, Created by Arjay

Sadiryh’s Baked Treats is a newly established home-grown Caking and Event Planning/Styling business situated at Poblacion East, Flora, Apayao, Cordillera Administrative Region. This small scale homebased business has progressed gradually and had formally expanded its commercial operations first quarter of 2015 within municipality of Flora and other nearby towns and aims to continuously grow to serve customers better.



Man Grooming, Co.
Man Grooming, Co., Created by Vlad
Man Grooming, Co., Created by Vlad

MAN PH The one stop shop for every gentleman’s grooming essential. With quality products ranging from hair pomades to perfumes to combs.



Fantasy Hoops
Fantasy Hoops, Created by Jane
Fantasy Hoops, Created by Jane

FHBL is a basketball league that organizes games and offers players the opportunity to develop skills of basketball while instilling values such as character, teamwork, discipline, respect and sportsmanship.



Go! Groceries
Go! Groceries, Created by Lee
Go! Groceries, Created by Lee

Go! Groceries is a mock online grocery store where you can easily order products such as meat, fish and vegetables and  can be delivered straight to your home. It is useful for those who have a busy schedule and wants to save time in ordering items in groceries.




After completing this capstone project, the campers are now prepared and able to take another opportunity to level up their web development skill set, that is by learning an MVC (Model, View, Controller) framework for PHP — Laravel.

Good job guys!