The Last Hurdle: Batch 6 Day Class Capstone Project 3

Photo by Caspar Rubin on Unsplash


The sixth iteration of the Tuitt Coding Bootcamp day class is now done creating their third capstone project.

It seems like it was an easy challenge to create three products in a row that will eventually be part of their web developer portfolio. But it was not. It was a lot of hard work (i.e., problem-solving, design, thinking, coding, research, trial-and-error, etc.) and time management.


“It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it.”


― Tom Hanks, “A League of Their Own”

The real challenging part of the this coding bootcamp is the test of the campers’ discipline and commitment. The discipline to invest a substantial amount of time codecrafting their projects every single day. The commitment that they will complete this bootcamp no matter what the odds are.

These campers who were able to do it were the ones who were committed and those who invested the time and effort to become a junior web developer after the twelve-week coding bootcamp.

Requirements and Specifications

The minimum requirements and specifications of the third capstone project were plain and simple: the campers need to create a web app product using the Laravel framework having two CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete) functionalities with exception to the built-in authentication feature of Laravel.

The campers needed to complete the minimum viable product of this capstone project for ten days and be ready to present it to the coding bootcamp mentors together with their web developer portfolio and two previous projects, all of which are fully deployed to the Internet using any available and free web hosting platform.

Afterwards, the coding bootcamp mentors reviewed the respective outputs of the campers if they did meet the required specifications. This process determined who among the campers will graduate and receive a certificate of completion.

Capstone Projects


eGames, Created by Rommel
eGames, Created by Rommel


eGames is a gaming blog site. This blog site is for gamers,who wants to share their gaming styles and experience. And keeping updates and news from other players.”


— Rommel

Cloud 9

Cloud 9, Created by Kris

Cloud 9 is a social network platform like Facebook which you can post, chat, add friends.”


— Kris

Panda Lifestyle

Panda Lifestyle is a fashion lifestyle blog for people who loves fashion, sneakers/kicks, travel and lifestyle or anything under the sun.”


— Patrick

Astro’s Chilli Farm

Astro’s Chilli Farm, Created by Astro

Astro’s chilli farm website is a modern way to promote “super hot chilli” farming in the country.”


— Astro

The Takeover

The Takeover, Created by Don

An interactive sports blog that tackles multiple in-depth entries from basketball, soccer and tennis.”


— Don


Codegeddon, Created by Chester

Codegeddon is a forum site for aspiring programmers and web developers who would like to ask question about the IT world.”


— Chester

Mind The _____

Mind The _____, Created by JC

Simple blog SPA using VueJS 2 as front-end and Laravel 5.6 as RESTful API backend. Project inspired by Work in progress.”


— JC

The News

The News is a website made for those who wanted to create and share latest news from their respective locations. The articles are shared around the globe.”


— Arjo


A social networking platform for technology news with real time chat application using VueJS.”


— Mark


Newsmoto is an online news magazine that aggregates news from different categories and features a comment system for discussion purposes.”


— Ricky

Northland Sport’s Bar and Grill

Northland Sport’s Bar and Grill, Created by Jen

“Northland Sports Bar & Grill is a restaurant website with responsive and powerful CMS that lets you present menus, events,news entries, prices and much more. Designed to give all the options you may need for a modern restaurant site.”


— Jen

Kevin B.

A user-supported web content sharing, and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then replied, voted up or down by other members.”


— Kevin

Pen’s Gaming Blog

Pen’s Gaming Blog is a personal gaming blog site that focuses on competitive games like Dota 2, CSGO, Starcraft and PUBG.”


— Pen


iConnect, Created by John Ray

iConnect is  a simple job portal site for professional freelancers.”


— John Ray

You Are Blessed

You Are Blessed is an inspirational blog site for anyone who would like to share their inspirational thoughts. It was developed using Laravel framework.”


— Lovely


Ganap, Created by Dro

An interactive sports blog that tackles multiple in-depth entries from basketball, soccer and tennis.”


— Dro

Couch Gaming

Couch Gaming is a Newsblog site that offers the latest gaming news and reviews for PC, PS4, XBOX One, and Switch.”


— Patrick


It has been a good three months for these campers and they are now ready to be part of the growing technology industry of the Philippines as junior web developers.

These campers are now official members of the exclusive Tuitt network of web development practitioners and career-shifters. This network of web developers is gradually and consistently growing and will soon become the backbone and main source of manpower of the Philippine IT industry.

Good job, guys! Thank you for investing your time and trust with Tuitt Coding Bootcamp.