Why a Marketing Professional got interested in Coding

I remember taking a “Computer Class” a few years back in 6th Grade. The lesson that time was about HTML – yes, the one where you make the “Hello, World!” text move.

Surprisingly, I found it entertaining and exciting at the same time. Imagine being an elementary student that can already create a webpage? I felt like a genius! Although I pursued a Marketing degree in college, I still find web development interesting at a distance – until one fine summer day. 

I came across this Facebook post from Zuitt, in which they offer a Free Coding Bootcamp session for two days. One of my goals while adapting to the new normal is to repurpose and to upskill. So I said to myself, this is a chance to try and learn a new skill, especially that I am currently developing my blog. 

Upon clicking the link in the ad, you need to complete a registration form. My logical skills were tested when I had to take a suitability test afterwards. Once passed, I just had to check my email for reminders and software to download for the bootcamp. 

On the first day of the training, there were at least 30 participants – a mix of career shifters, fresh graduates, and even tech people. The Zuitt team and its co-presenter, Engineering Wins PH gave introductions. The actual training started at 1 in the afternoon, with Sir Tee Jae as our instructor. As I have mentioned, you need to download the necessary software before starting the bootcamp so you can follow the instructions distinctly and smoothly. We discussed GitLab and HTML on the first day, so it is more of inserting words and content in our web page. 

The next day, we discussed CSS and Bootstrap to design, style, and format on our web page.I enjoyed this part more because I can already see my page taking its form and appearance. I admit I am more of a creative person, so I like designing things in general. 

For someone who does not have formal programming education like me, I found the bootcamp engaging and compelling as Sir Tee Jae always asks if we could follow his instructions. He was very patient to atttend to our questions and accommodated our concerns throughout the program. Even though I feel that it is pretty difficult to teach online, he surpassed my expectations. 

Overall, Coding Bootcamps like this is helpful and insightful, especially for me who wants to take a glimpse of web development. With these kinds of short training sessions, people can now gauge their ability if coding is definitely for them. As for me, I will enroll once my resources allow it because I believe that education is an investment – it will have a more significant payoff in the future. If you have the opportunity to learn, grab it now!