Advice for Career Shifters: Miggy’s Career Shift to Business App Developer

Miggy is a Mechatronics engineering graduate from Batangas State University. After working as a design engineer for nearly 6 years, he decided to pursue a career change in IT and programming, his true passion. To reach his goal, his first step was becoming a Zuitt Bootcamper.

In January of 2023, Miggy enrolled in Zuitt in hopes of obtaining guidance in his coding learning journey. He aimed to sharpen his general knowledge in coding through Zuitt’s Career Development Program. 

In this article, Miggy shared his wisdom about taking risks in career shifting, the courage to leave his comfort zone, and how he has successfully entered the IT Industry. 

—— Introduce yourself to the Zuitt Community

Hi! My Name is Miggy and I’m currently a Business Applications Developer. Before that, I was a Design Engineer. I’m actually a career shifter since I graduated with a degree of Mechatronics Engineering. After working for nearly 6 years as a Design Engineer, I decided that it was time to make a career change or to shift to a different career path. I decided to resign from my job and enroll in Zuitt Coding Bootcamp and here I am now.

—— What got you interested in Web Development?

Since high school, I’ve always been torn about what course I would take for college. I was deciding between IT and Engineering, and I ended up with Engineering, but In my engineering studies, there were also IT lessons or programming subjects that we had to take, and I enjoyed doing those tasks. As time went by, throughout my college studies and even during my previous work, I was enjoying more of the programming aspects of what I was working on, and I eventually saw myself enjoying more programming than my actual work. I thought I would enjoy my work more if I were on the IT career path, rather than my current one. That’s when I decided to take the risk and switch to a new career path.

—— Why study in a Coding Bootcamp? Did you self-study? And Why Zuitt? 

I was actually doing self-study around that time when  I was programming in my previous work. When I really decided that I wanted to do programming for my career, I realized that self-studying would not be enough, especially for me, to get into the IT industry. This is why I decided to enroll in Zuitt Coding Bootcamp – to have a proper education per se, with instructors and lesson structure. 

I did research everywhere about career shifting. Looking into career shifters and people who wanted to get into tech, I found a lot of bootcamps, but Zuitt stood out the most. For most of the research I saw, Zuitt was always there. When I went to Zuitt’s website, it just clicked for me that this is the bootcamp for me.

—— How was your Job Hunting as a Career Shifter? 

Actually, it’s difficult. To be honest, I had a hard time. 

For the few days or weeks right after finishing the bootcamp, I was spending most of my days in front of the PC going through job hunting sites and looking for jobs. Most of the jobs I was seeing had high requirements. I wasn’t being picky on what jobs I would apply for but it really took a lot of time before I got accepted in my current work. 

I remembered a time when I was in a job-hunting session with Zuitt,  I recalled their advice to just keep applying. You really need to push through and apply for a lot of jobs because eventually, I’ll get hired. As long as you read through the job responsibilities and it’s something that’s in your skill set or something you can learn, just keep on applying until you find the right job that’s for you.

My advice is to be on all the platforms. There are many job hunting sites like  Kalibrr, LinkedIn, and actually, Facebook too. There are a lot of Facebook groups and social media platforms where you can find a job. 

There is no need to be picky. You just really have to read through the job responsibilities and determine what you can do or not. You will never know if you won’t try. You won’t lose anything when you apply for a job, only gain something when you get hired. 

—— Advice to the future bootcampers of Zuitt and Career Shifters alike

You’re probably thinking that you want to get into a Coding Bootcamp because you want to shift into IT. You also might be wondering ‘Won’t I have a hard time in the bootcamp if I have no experience in IT?’ Honestly, even though I had coding experience, I still had those doubts. But I experienced Zuitt firsthand. I saw how Zuitt instructors taught those without experience and how they really learned. Don’t be afraid. Experienced or not, just try. Again, you will never know if you won’t try. What if this career path is really the one for you?

To the career shifters, it might be scary, right? It’s as if everything you’ve learned since college or the knowledge and skills you learned from your previous work would just disappear and you’ll be starting from zero in a whole new career path. It really can be scary, but try not to be because this is part of your journey of who you’re supposed to be. There will always be challenges but this is what’s supposed to happen if you’re destined to be a programmer or who you want to be. 

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