The number 22 is known as the “master number” because it symbolizes confidence, pragmatism, ambition, and discipline. On July 10, 2019, the 22nd batch of Zuitt’s (formerly Tuitt’s) Night Class stayed true to these qualities as they went on to march as full stack web developers, after months of hard work.

The graduation ceremony was held in Enzo building in Makati City. The bootcampers and instructors celebrated the culmination of 6 fulfilling months of learning at Zuitt.

Opening Remarks

Instructor Lourence Jaromay opened up the festivities by congratulating the graduates on their journey and welcoming them for successfully breaking through as full stack web developers. 

Awarding of Certificates

After Instructor Jaromay’s opening remarks, it was time for the awarding of certificates.

They started as trainees, but now they’ve come out as full-fledged IT graduates! The successful bootcampers of Batch 22 Night Class are 4 in total.

Industry Speaker

After the certificates of completion were handed out, it was time to hear from a special guest speaker: IT Industry professional and Zuitt alumnus, Mr. Alfred Panes.

Mr. Panes used to work in digital marketing. But he wanted to improve his skills through web development. He said that in digital marketing, you have to be familiar with web development because the former contains facets that are powered by the latter. He then made the decision to take up web development because he got inspired by the idea.

Zuitt opened opportunities and challenges alike. “There are a lot of challenges, but if we walk past it, we will be successful.”  Mr. Panes said.

He also claimed that this is the greatest lesson he learned at Zuitt – “There were a lot of times I wanted to give up, but then I worked hard and realized I could do it. ”Grind lang. Always.” he stated.

Mr. Panes ended his speech with words of congratulations for the students’  hard-earned victory.

Miscellaneous Awards

After Mr. Panes’ inspiring talk, it was time for the Special awards! The recipients of these awards were voted by their instructor and peers. Here are the ones that were given out this day:

Enthusiastic Learner Award: Calvin C.
Outstandingly Organized Award: Calvin C.
Really Responsible Award: Calvin C.
Student Best Able To Teach Others Award: Calvin C.
Most Likely To Be Famous Someday Award: Calvin C.
Most Likely To Establish Own Startup Award: Calvin C.
Friendly Neighbor Award: Allen B.

Top Performers

Finally it was time to go to one of the most awaited parts of the ceremony – the Top Performer Awards. Here are the most outstanding achievers of Batch 22 Night Class:

3rd Top Performer: Ken L.
2nd Top Performer: Allen B.
1st Top Performer: Calvin C.

Closing Remarks

After all the awards were given to the graduates, Zuitt Instructor Lourence Jaromay shared his closing remarks with the graduating class.

He started it off by saying that the bootcampers should be proud of themselves for graduating and giving it the best of their abilities to complete their requirements and submit their capstone projects.

To conclude the commencement program, Instructor Jaromay left them with these words to live by – “Diamonds are formed through pressure. And in pressure, there’s growth.” Also – “Don’t limit the challenge; instead, challenge the limit!”

Again, congratulations and we wish you all the best, Batch 22 Night Class!