Batch Three Graduation

Another batch— done, ready to prowl into the software engineering industry!

It has indeed been a roller coaster ride for Tuitt’s 3rd Batch of day students— grueling and challenging, but fun and rewarding. On April 29, 2017, all 10 students reaped the fruits of their hard work, as they marched to get their certificates.

The ceremony kicked off with some wise words from an alumnus of the bootcamp, Brent L. — who finished second from Tuitt’s first batch. As most of the students were either career shifters or making a comeback into the industry, the speech was a much needed inspiration to get them on the hook.

Brent talked about his struggles while in college, and his resolve to get back on track to his passion— ergo his decision to join the bootcamp. He now works at Accenture, where he was required to learn a new programming language, and is working on projects there as a developer.

He capped off his speech with lessons he picked up in his journey:

1. You should learn to embrace the ever-evolving, dynamic industry by always being open to learn new things. Stop learning and you’ll get left out;
2. If you’ve shifted careers, go all the way in— don’t hold back. It might seem risky, but this will reflect your passion and in turn, will get you more opportunities;
3. Work at your own pace, and don’t compare your timeline with others’.

The students then received their certificates— proof of their first achievement in their foray into the field. Proof that they have grasped and applied all the lessons taught in the bootcamp: both on front and back end web development.

The whole three months, the bootcampers were taught several programming languages, frameworks, and techniques, and were tasked to do three capstone projects, as concrete measurements of how much they have learned. And they all finished the requirements. Something worthy of note— this is the first batch wherein all of the students were able to graduate.

Then, the top three students— the ones whose capstone projects stood out— received their notable achievement awards.

This batch had created a wonderful culture together which is an important factor as well, if you want to succeed in the field. Their friendship, clearly shown, during the “Special Awards” segment of the ceremony. Some of the students were given quirky titles, such as “Friendly Neighbor”, and “Most Likely to Build a Startup”.

Remarks from Mary Shemuel Balaibo Unida, the bootcamp’s CEO, as well as from the instructors wrapped up the ceremony.

And of course, what all had been waiting for— lunch time!

The graduation, of course, is only a first step toward their new journey. The bootcamp equipped them with the fundamentals of programming, and now it’s up to them to apply what they have learned to the real world. It will certainly not be easy, but with enough passion and discipline, anything is possible. This is not to say the bootcamp will leave them on their own— we will always be here to help them, when they need it.

Good luck, Batch 3!