First-ever Company Outing

A year ago, there were only three of us in our humble little office. I (Angeli), Shem-san and Miss Debbie. It was around this time last year when we started marketing ourselves, sourcing potential students and instructors to join us in taking part in something bigger than ourselves.

Looking back, we set up a booth at Ateneo de Manila’s career fair, put up flyers around UP Diliman campus, posted ads around different social media and career-oriented platforms, sent emails to people, reached out to friends, performed interviews, attended demo lessons. It took us a while to achieve our goals but finally after so much effort, things (and people) came through 🙂

Tuitt’s booth at AdMU Career Fair

One of the posters we distributed across different social media platforms

Fast forward to today, over a year later since we started,  we have a few more people not only to share the office with but also make fun experiences with. And so on the last day of March, we had our first ever team building!

Meet the gang! ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧

From L-R: Sir Sef, Sir Peejay, Me (Angeli), Miss Debbie, Shem-san, Sir Benj with our game faces on

As to why we’re holding weapons, we’ll get to that later. For the meantime, here are the events that transpired on our company outing day. Let the fun begin!

First, we assembled at the Tuitt office and took a mandatory selfie wearing our company shirts.

Tuitt represent!

Because it’s already around noon time when we started, the first order of the day was to have lunch. At Uncle Cheffy, we had our tummies filled with yummy steak, pizza, salad and many more. Don’t judge! We need loads of energy for the day’s activities especially this next one.

So glad Sir Benj made it before our next activity. Say cheeeese Tuitt people!

After having a sumptuous meal, it’s time for a little healthy competition so we headed to Lazer maxx for a good round of laser tag. We came there thinking we’ll be competing with each other (in groups of 2) but to our surprise, kuya laser technician gave us only 1 team color. This meant that we’ll have to compete with another group.

Not backing out from any challenge, we pushed through and went in with only one goal in mind – destrooyyy the enemies.  (rough translation: good riddance strategy,  bye bye game plan. see blinking lights? shoot blinking lights. HAHA)

As a result of our well-thought-out master plan (or lack of it (ꐦ ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )), we came out victorious, earned the respect of all laser tag enthusiasts who ever lived  we lost.

We lost to kids.


Our pre-game faces before losing to a bunch of 12-year olds

Ok, let’s move on.

(well it wasn’t a fair start since they were already positioned when we came —-)


move on…

THE NEXT part of our itinerary involved giant foams, ginormous bouncing balls and an educational video reminding everyone not to die. But before that, here’s us on our way to the destination.

We’re talking about Trampoline Park – Zero Gravity Zone, the first of its kind in the Philippines indoor trampoline park. Yay!

Miss Debbie signing us up + purchasing grip socks

Apart from this video of Sir Benj diving into the foam pit and Sir Peejay performing a stunt and the photo below, unfortunately we don’t have any more to show you.

P3ro k4m! ln6 s4p4ht nahh d!baaa!?? XD

This place got us hooked!

Some of the activities you can enjoy here are gravity basketball,  dodgeball, aeroDance and many more. Since I’m a scaredy cat, my personal favorite was the foam pit (cause I like being assured that something will catch me when I fall hahaha!) Miss Debbie for sure enjoyed dunking on the basketball ring while the boys, being their adventurous selves, made the most of their time and tried everything. Shem-san, on the other hand, documented our silliness and even did Facebook live on Tuitt page while we jumped our hearts out.

To cap off the night, we had dinner at a nearby korean restaurant. Unfortunately, no pics for that because we were already h-u-n-g-r-y with all the jumping, bouncing and running around. Slowly then all at once (LOL), meals were downed when they arrived on our table.

That’s it for our very first company outing! We enjoyed it so much and we hope more people will have the chance to experience Tuitt culture 😀

’til then!